Gears 5 : release date, price, platforms and gameplay.


The series Gears of War is one of the most beautiful successes of Microsoft for Xbox. Sound design, dark and sinister made this game a must-see, in particular thanks to the characters and their fighting for the less intense.

Gears 5, which had been announced at E3 2019, contains the codes of the franchise, Gears of Wars, bringing a nice shot of nine.

In this article, discover the gameplay of Gears 5 and all its new features.

Release Date and price of Gears 5 Standard and Ultimate.

Gears 5 was officially launched on the 10th of September. Like all the other games of the series, it is available on PC and Xbox One.

The Standard edition is 69,99 € on the site Xbox, but you can also get it at the Fnac in 56,99 €.

The Ultimate edition is, it, sold to 79.99 € on the Xbox, and includes a character pack Edition Ultimate as well as 30 days Boost.

Placed in the mouth of the gameplay with the trailers of Gears 5.

Check out the trailer for Gears 5, which focuses on the new game mode Leaked in which four players must escape from a hive as quickly as possible.

A second trailer introduces us to the Horde where the characters of Halo, Emile-A239, and Kat-B320 make their appearance.

The gameplay of Gears 5.

For this new edition, the developers in The Coalition, as well as publishers of Xbox Game Studios have decided, surprisingly, to appoint the new episode Gears 5.

You will be in the skin of Kait Diaz, a foreign original locust and tortured by his family history out of the ordinary. She is accompanied by characters that will be familiar like JD Fenix and Del Walker.

As for the gameplay, it contains the codes of Gears of War as we know it, with heavy weapons, shootings, and so much aggression. Gears has always managed to make us hate our opponent, which adds a strong level of satisfaction when you pass the levels.
In this 5th edition, the waves of enemies are even more important and much more destructive.

You will certainly appreciate also the transition to an open world in which it is easy to wander to achieve your goals and complete your quests. You will be accompanied by Jack, a small robot, which will help you to recover weapons and ammunition, among others.

As revealed at E3 2019, Gears 5 features a number of multiplayer modes, including Arcade mode as standard and a new kid called Leak. The latter requires four players to make a team, to infiltrate, to plant the bomb and scorpion and escaped unharmed.

Finally, on the technical side Microsoft has not skimped on the means by creating a game in 4K at 60 frames per second. The visuals and the characters are very impressive, and are supported by a voice-over that plays a leading role.