Galaxy Note 20 (Note 11) : release date, price and other rumors.


It’s been a few years, that we hear that Samsung plans to put an end to its range Note merging it with its S series, higher and wider, but with the S Pen as an option. And, this remains a possibility, especially given the few leaks about it, but if Samsung has this idea in his head then nothing has yet been made public.

For the moment, we assume that the Galaxy Note 10 will have a successor in August 2020 in the form of the Galaxy Note 20.

While the Galaxy S20 and its variants have been announced last February 11, we should see a lot more clearly in the plans of Samsung for the rest of the year, but some ideas are already on their way.

What will be the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ?.

As in the past, we expect that Samsung announces its next phablet flagship before the IFA at a conference “Unpacked” in August 2020. Recall that the Note 10 and the Note 10+ had been announced on August 7, 2019.

Also, the rumors suggest a third quarter of 2020, which directs us to the month of August.

What will be the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ?.

Although we’re certain that Samsung would like to keep its prices constant, if the 5G is becoming a constant in the range Note 20, so everything suggests that they will be increased.

Nevertheless, for the moment, no leak credible regarding the price has not yet been published. As a reference, the Note 10 has been available for sale at 959 €, and the Note 10+ to 1 109 €.

Potential technical characteristics of the Note 20.

The new phones are logically always better than the former, it would be therefore very surprising that the Score 20 has a storage space less than its predecessor, up to 128 Gb instead of 256 Gb.

This rumor reported by Sammobile, however, is not cause for concern because it could mean the return of the microSD and would therefore result in a decrease in the starting price.

We have also heard that the Note 20 will have a display curved. New patents unearthed by Patently Mobile suggest that it will have a screen in cascade with buttons beyond the lateral edge of metal. Although there is no guarantee that this design will be applied on the Note 20, it is still interesting because this metal frame is a synonym of durability, unlike glass.

A second patent recently granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, presents a curved screen but with touch-sensitive buttons, such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. There is no doubt that Samsung is trying the 2 approaches and the one that works best will be applied on the Note 20 or other Galaxy.

Samsung has so extended any of these florets S20, we are referring to the Ultra version (photo below), which features a screen colossal of 6.7 inches, and you can ask if there is a need for a new phablet Samsung, even if it is equipped with a S Pen..

But, according to us, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is simply too big, and the Galaxy S20, smaller and less expensive, at least for now, the one that most covets.

This leaves maybe room for some adjustments in the next series of Galaxy Note.

Some of the technical characteristics of the Galaxy S series, now confirmed, will almost certainly be taken up by the Note of 20, you will also notice the name change, the Note 11 and Note 20, which follows in the footsteps of the range S.

The S20 Ultra has a screen of 120 Hz, and a quadruple module photo which includes a sensor 108 Mp, for example, and both these features are likely to be incorporated into the next Note (if this is not the standard version, then certainly the Pro).

Samsung has also removed the headphone jack and the button Bixby dedicated, so don’t expect them to be on the Note 10.

There is also the video recording 8K, the enhanced functions of the camera, the power of the battery increased and the refined design with the edges thinner than ever. And finally, a new processor, the Snapdragon 865, which allows you to use the 5G on all versions of the S20.

Ice universe, famous for its leaks on the new releases of smartphone, has shared on Twitter the design of the next Galaxy Note, although only the location of the ports is really revealed. However, some believe that it is, in fact, of the case for the Note 10+.

This may be the framework design of the Galaxy Note20, which is logical.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) January 26, 2020

The shape of the module rear camera suggests that the Note 20 will be equipped with the same style as that of the S20. At the bottom, we also see the outputs that could be for the microphone, the speaker, the USB charger-C, and a slot for the S Pen, but not Jack.

The volume button and power are again on the left side of the phablet, making room for the S Pen, while on the S20, they will be on the right side.

It also lacks a fingerprint reader, which suggests that it will be integrated with the screen.

The 1st rendered, as the video posted below, must be taken with a grain of salt, since they are mostly based on rumors. Often these images and videos reflect what their creators wish to see on the next few florets in question.

In this case, we are almost sure that some aspects of the design are incorrect, in particular the module rear camera, but also the edges of the screen that are too curved. This seems unlikely since Samsung seems to have adopted a design that is more flat with the Galaxy S20.

However, some information about the hardware are found to be more likely, such as :

the screen Dynamic AMOLED 6.9 inches.
the display, in the ratio 19:9, HDR10+ with a resolution of 1440 x 3040.
the protective cover glass Gorilla Glass 6.
the fingerprint reader ultrasonic integrated.
the Snapdragon 865 with Adreno 650.
up to 12 Gb of RAM and 1 Tb of expandable storage.
a sealing IP68.
USB 3.1 Type-C.
a battery of 5,000 mAh, which supports 55 W wire, 25 W wireless and 18 W wireless charging reversed.
Android 11.

Another leak of Ice Universe suggests that the Note 20 will have a refresh rate of 120Hz, as does the range S20, but it will be better adjusted to the Note.

This could mean that he would be able to offer this rate with resolutions beyond Full HD and will calibrate automatically.

The video below is very interesting, it gives us a glimpse of what the Footnote 20, we have also used screen captures to illustrate our article.

Based on what we know about the S20, the other leaks circulating on the Galaxy Note 20 seem very plausible as the name of the next phablet. It could be called 20 and not 11, as the series S.

Second, the processor. Samsung will without a doubt, the Snapdragon 865 Note 20 to the image of the S20. Furthermore, Qualcomm does the sells only with the modem X55 5G, therefore, all models Samsung Galaxy Note 20 should be compatible with the 5G.

What about declinations ? With the S20, we expect the standard models, Plus, and Ultra, differentiated by their size (6.4 inch/6.5 inch/6.7 inches), battery (4000 mAh/4500 mAh/5000 mAh), their screen (90 Hz/120 Hz) and their cameras (64 Mp/108 Mp).

We believe that the Note 20 will be available in a Higher model as above, but with a leap in its technical characteristics so that it matches the S20 Ultra, because it is possible that we did not see Note 20 Ultra.

Instead, the Note 20 Pro may be equipped with a photo sensor 108 Mp and a screen with 120Hz.

We don’t assume necessarily that the Note 20, is larger that the largest of the S20, the rumours of a screen of 6.9 inches could be true. After all, the Note 10 standard has a screen of 6.3 inches, while the Note 10+ measurement of 6.8 inches.

The battery life is expected to increase compared to the 3500/4300 mAh battery that we saw in 2019 in order to support the energy consumption of a screen to 120 Hz, but a battery of 5000 mAh would add size and weight are considerable. This already applies for the S20 Ultra.

We expect a power close to 4500 mAh, as for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The only essential difference between the S series and the series Note is of course the S Pen, and it is unlikely that Samsung unveils a new Note without have dusted off the pen.