Galaxy Fold vs Huawei Mate X.


The Mate X, and the Galaxy Fold have caused a sensation at the MWC 2019. Unfortunately, as the two companies seem to be determined to prevent the journalists to touch and try the new devices, it is impossible for us to respond to a large number of important issues.

What is the shelf life of their hinges and of their screens ? How Android does it in the face of multiple screens, and of such a form ? Unfortunately, we do not yet have these answers..

The only thing we can do is compare the design and functionality of the Matt X and to the Fold.

Design .


Galaxy Fold : the internal Screen, a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display, external display 4.6-inch AMOLED

Matt X : Screen front-end for 6.6 inch, back 6.3 inches, unfolded 8-inch


Samsung has opted for a screen that folds to the inside, so when closed, the screen is protected. It sports a notch surprisingly great in the upper-right corner, the Mate X preferred to avoid. The screen of the Fold on the outer side is particularly small (4.6-inch).

Add to this the fact that there is a space at the end of the hinge when the device is folded, it is therefore significantly thicker than that of Huawei. In this domain, we have a preference for the Huawei.

Many have already called into question the strength of their hinge but also of their flexible screen. This will be one of the main reasons not to launch headlong into the purchase of a Mate X or a Fold.

Unlike smartphones, traditional, the screen is not protected by a glass but a plastic. The part of the Mate X that curves around the hinge seems to be particularly fragile.

The Mate X is so fine, only 5.4 mm, that Huawei has had to add a thicker section, does this mean a sidebar vertical that houses the three sensors and cameras, as well as the port USB Type-C.

As all the cameras are oriented the same way, you can get the same quality and the same goals, that you take a selfie or not. Of course, to have an overview of your selfies you will need to bend the screen.

This bar thus prevents the Mate X of being laid flat when it is opened, a criterion that may inhibit more than one.

Samsung has not revealed the thickness of the crease of the Fold. However, if one refers to the Keynote of Huawei, a slide that referred to a Mate X as “another flip phone” was faith with a thickness of 6.8 mm, a total of 13.6 mm when closed.

When the Mate of X is completely folded, it has a thickness of 11 mm, scarcely thicker than most phones today.

Screens .


Galaxy Fold : a 7.3-inch, OLED, 2152 x 1536 pixels, ratio 4.2:3

Matt X : 8-inch, OLED, 2480 x 2200 pixels, ratio 8:7.1


The screen of the Mate X measures 8 inches when open and it splits into two screens when it is closed. Its main screen and measures 6.6 inches with a resolution of 2480 x 1148, and the one at the rear is 6.4 inches (2480 x 892), it is more narrow because of its sidebar.

Add to that the 2480 x 160 pixels which form the part hinge of the screen and you get a screen of 8 inch, 2480 x 2200. This is an aspect ratio of 8:7.1.

Samsung has opted for a screen 7.3 inch resolution 2152 x 1536. However, it is marred by a large notch in the corner and its edges are less fine than the Mate X.

It is too early to comment on the relative quality of the screens, mainly because the Galaxy Fold was placed in a box in the glass after the press conference of Samsung.

You may have seen the demonstrations on multi-tasking during their launch event ; therefore, it is clear that the company has done everything to ensure that these large screens are helpful.

Samsung has shown how its user interface, unique, can run three applications simultaneously. While Huawei has just talked about two applications that can run side-by-side in EMUNI 9.1.1.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the Galaxy Fold is the better of the two, we need to use these phones to find out what system works best.

Devices Photos .


Fold : Rear – 12 Mp wide, 16 Mp ultra-wide, 12 Mp telephoto lens, front : 10 Mp selfie, inside : 10 Mp + 8 Mp detection depth

Matt X : designed with Leica, 40 Mp+ 16 Mp + 8 Mp


We still don’t know if Huawei has used the same setup photos as the Mate 20 Pro, but according to the company this should be the case. However, the four objectives will not be identical as there will be a new camera selfie.

The problem that arises is that in tablet mode you will not have the sensor selfie, so you can use Skype for example, that when the Mate of X is folded.

The Galaxy Fold is equipped with six sensors photos, so there will be always someone who will point out to you, and no matter how you hold it. To do this, the tablet mode of the Fold presents a notch, in contrast to the Mate X of Huawei.

Of course, we can’t tell yet which of the two takes the best photos.

5G .


The Galaxy Fold and Mate X can both support the 5G. However, to get the Fold as soon as possible, Samsung comes out first with a 4G version, launched on 3 may for Europe. Its version of 5G will be released in may, in South Korea.

Huawei will not launch the Mate X before the summer, a period in which the first networks 5G will be available. However, all phones that support 5G will be backwards compatible since the 5G will be, to begin with, that is deployed in a limited number of cities.

Autonomy of the battery .


Fold : 4380 mAh battery, divided into two cells

Matt X : 4500 mAh, spread over two cells


The large screens are more energy intensive than smaller ones, this is why the two models put a battery on each side of their hinge.

The battery of the Huawei has a capacity larger than that of the Samsung, but as none of the two companies has not revealed the life of their battery, we are not able to know which one will take the longest.

The Mate of X is compatible with the load the fastest ever seen. It is sold with an adapter SuperCharge 55W, which is supposed to charge from 0% to 85 % in only 30 minutes.

Performance .


Fold : To confirm, cpu, octo‑core, engraved in 7 nm, 12 Gb RAM, 512 Gb of storage space

Matt X : Kirin 980, 8 Gb RAM, 512 Gb of storage space


We do not yet know what processor Samsung will use in Galaxy Fold, but we think that it should be compatible with the Snapdragon 855, the same chip that the Galaxy S10. It would be surprising whether it’s the Exynos 9820 since it is engraved in 8nm.

Neither of the two asian companies has released full spec sheet, but it can be assumed that it refers to the most recent standards (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other components) given the high price of the two devices.

The Mate X has a port dual‑SIM, one of whose locations can be used for memory cards nano business.

Conclusion .


It would be unwise to draw conclusions at this early stage. These are two of the first flip phones in the market that every parent uses to take the temperature.

Samsung believes that at least one million Galaxy Fold will be sold, so that Huawei has essentially stated that it “could” launch the Mate X.
Anyway, in both cases, you will have to wait for the deployment of the 5G in France.