Fitbit Inspiration : release date and specifications.


You can now order the wireless activity tracker Fitbit Inspires. Check out its price and its technical specifications.

When released the Fitbit Inspires ?.

The Fitbit Inspires is first released quietly in February, where it was reserved for businesses, but since the month of march, the general public can afford it. The model HR, it, will be available in mid-march.

How much is the Fitbit Inspires ?.

The Fitbit Inspires is the bracelet connected to the mins dear to the brand with a price that starts at 69,95 €. Version HR, it, has a cost of 99.95 €.

If the bracelet is original does not appeal to you, know that you have the choice between 3 styles, Prints and Classic (29,95 €), Leather Horween (39,95 €), stainless Steel (69,95€), and the style Clip (19,95 €) for the Fitbit Inspires exclusively.

What are the technical specifications of the Fitbit Inspires ?.

There are two versions of the Fitbit Inspires, the standard and the HR, they are similar to the Fitbit Alta and Alta HR sold on Amazon.

The Inspire standard is available in black or Sangria, it follows your activity and sleep, it counts the calories burned, and sends you alerts on your smartphone, and it has a battery life of five days. Its screen is touch-sensitive and it can be worn for swimming.

While the Inspired HR has a heart rate monitor, it monitors your heart in real time, it has a follow-up of sleep more advanced as well as 15 modes of exercises with goals. In addition, it can be paired to your phone to use the GPS, you will get more accurate information on your speed and the distance travelled.

It is sold in black, white, and Lilac (light purple).