FIFA 21 : release date and expected improvements.


Every year, EA Sports provides an update to its hit game FIFA. It is since 1993 as FIFA evolves, renews and improves its gameplay.

However, in recent years, users notice a lack of changes on the part of the franchise. That said, despite the criticism, nothing seems to hinder the success of FIFA as it is always the video game of football the most sold.

EA Sports does not stop there, with 2020 the output of FIFA 21. While waiting to learn more about it, here are five ideas for improvements that we would like for this new album.

When come out FIFA 21 ?.

In June 2019, EA Sports unveiled FIFA 20 to the general public during the event, EA Play, we imagine, therefore, that it will be the same for FIFA 21.

For what is the release date, we’re betting on the end of the month of September, and as the game comes out usually on a Friday, this year it will be the 25th of September.

On which platforms will be available FIFA 21 ?.

FIFA 20 is available on the consoles PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. FIFA 21 should also be compatible with all these platforms.

In addition, an improved version could be created for the future PS5 and Xbox Series X, as has been done by EA with FIFA 14 on the consoles of the current generation.

Our wishlist for FIFA 21.

For FIFA 21, we really hope that the franchise will introduce features that will allow the series to return to a gameplay of incomparable quality.
Here is a list of changes that we would like to see :

Career Mode : this is definitely one of the improvements expected. Although we have seen some adjustments on the edition 2020, with the addition of press conferences, we still don’t have the impression to manage a real team. Because of this, we hope to find a transfer system more complete and more detailed statistics.

Delete the “Pay-to-win” FIFA Ultimate Team : unfortunately, there is currently a strong correlation between the money you put in WAS and the quality of your team. It is thus necessary to pay to afford the best players and expect to win.
We bet on a game based on progression and would also encourage players to spend more time with.

Improve the AI of the goalkeepers : the goalkeeper is the only player on which you have no control, it is important, therefore, that it has a level, steady and constant. Currently, his actions are too random, it is difficult to count on him.

VAR : this method is controversial on the real football fields, but in the game it would seem useful to have a support video to the arbitration, if only to capture our game..

The return of Juventus and the Nou Camp : if EA Games is since many years the holder of the largest licenses, this year the team of Juventus and the stadium of Camp Nou are noted by their absence. We hope for FIFA a recovery of rights.

We will this article be updated as soon as we’ll know more on FIFA 21, but in the meantime, keep an eye on the champions League and the best matches to come.