FIFA 19 : release date, price and features.


Versions of FIFA are linked together at full speed, hardly a fate that it prepares for the next. That said, FIFA 18 has mostly been an update of FIFA 17 as a true renewal. What will it be FIFA 19 ? To find out, read on !

When come out FIFA 19 ? .

FIFA 19 will be released on September 28, 2018.

Note that if you have pre-ordered the Ultimate edition for PS4, you can play it three days before everyone else, on September 25.

How much will it cost FIFA 19 ? .

FIFA 19 will cost 69,99 €, while the Ultimate version will be sold for $ 99.99 and its version Champions to 89,99 €.

On which platforms will be available FIFA 19 ? .

FIFA will be available on all platforms usual : PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Surprising to most, the game will also be entitled to a version for PS3 and Xbox 360.

You want to play FIFA during your travels ? Good news, it will also be possible to buy a version of FIFA 19 for the Nintendo Switch.

What it will look like FIFA 19 ? .

It should not be a revolution in terms of the game, but EA Sports has confirmed a few interesting new features.

The most awaitede is nothing else than a mode of unreleased game named “special Rules”.

As its name indicates, this mode will allow to play with all the new rules :

– Survival → You lose a player whenever you score a goal.

– Distance → The points you get depends onthe ent of the distance at which you score a goal.
– First → You decide on the number of orders that must be taggeds to win.

Headers and volleys → You can decide that only the goals set with the head or with a volley count.

– Without rules → Play a match without offside, fouls or cartons !

To find out all the details of FIFA 19, rendez-vous on the site of EA.

Champions League.

EA has finally obtained the rights to the Champions League and the Europa League ! Over the past ten years, only PES, Pro Evolution Soccer, the had.

So, with FIFA 19, you will find all of the trophies of the most prestigious competitions (as well as the hymns, branding ..).

The adventure : Champions.

During the Gamescom, EA has confirmed that the new single player mode will be named “The adventure : Champions”.

The story takes place around three players : Alex Hunter, Danny Williams and Kim Hunter. Their stories intersect and if you want to, you can switch from one to the other depending on your desires.

You will be able to interact with players like Neymar, Alex Morgan or Paulo Dybala. The most important thing still remains that it is happening on the ground, and you should not be disappointed.

Serie A and Coppa Italia .

FIFA 19 has also acquired the rights to the Coppa Italia ! So you can play with teams and in stadiums of the first division in italy.