FairPhone 2 : price, mobile operator and technical data sheet.


The second generation of the FairPhone is now available in one of the main telephone operators in French. On the occasion of this partnership, check out the features of this smartphone out of the ordinary.

What is a FairPhone ? .

Created in 2013 by a Dutch company of the same name, the FairPhone is a mobile phone that puts the emphasis on ethics and sustainability. Concretely, this translates into the use of raw materials from mines controlled, out-of-area conflict.
The company also ensures to provide good working conditions to its employees throughout the chain of production.

In France, FairPhone has been placed on the front of the stage after the broadcast ofa report of Cash Investigation revealing the lack of transparency of certain manufacturers of mobile phones.

The FairPhone 2, launched in 2015, is the latest smartphone of the brand. It is a phone modular, that is to say, it can be fully disassembled and its components can be easily replaced. Made of aluminum and recycled plastic, the FairPhone 2 is perhaps not the device the more design time, but this is not its purpose.
It is aimed at a public who want a Android smartphone basic, efficient, and which can be easily repaired.
The site IFIXIT explains how to replace the various parts of the phone.

In comparison to other players in the sector, FairPhone is a very small company, and must regularly deal with stock-outs. The production of the first smartphone of the mark has been abandoned, because some of its components were simply no longer manufactured.

How much is a FairPhone ?.

Until December 31, 2017, the FairPhone 2 is now on sale exclusively at Orange and Sosh. Its price varies according to the subscription to which you subscribe.

Only, the phone costs 525 €. With a pass Play of 40 Gb its price is $ 149,90 € and with a package of Jet, it is at 79,90 €.

Technical specifications of the FairPhone 2 .

Android 6 .0 Marshmallow.
5-inch screen Full HD .
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.
2 Gb RAM.
32 Gb of memory.
MicroSD Port.
Supports two SIM cards.
11ac Wi-Fi.
Bluetooth 4.0.
Camera, 12 megapixel rear and 5-megapixel camera on the front. .
Battery 2420 mAh .
159 g.
Jack 3.5.