Facebook Messenger : how to delete a sent message ?.


We’ve all sent messages we regret, that contain misspellings, poor grammar, or that have been sent to the wrong recipient. Anyway, Facebook Messenger will allow you to remove them, but only if you make it in time.

Below, we explain how to delete messages on Facebook Messenger.

The application Facebook Messenger.

First, be aware that this method will only be applicable as from February 2019 with the last update of the app Facebook Messenger. It will not work from the internet site of Facebook if you use your computer.

So make sure you have updated the application on your iPhone or Android in order to access this feature.

In practice.

On older iOS versions and Android of Facebook Messenger, there was an option to delete a message, but you couldn’t remove that for you. The recipient or the discussion group was still able to read your message. This was very annoying, and also quite confusing for the user.

Now, you can erase it for everyone, however, there is a small problem. You must do this within ten minutes following the sending.

To do this, press on the message and hold, then select Delete.

You will then be asked to choose between the options “Remove” to everyone” and “Delete”for you.

To permanently delete the message for you, your recipient, or the participants in a conversation, choose Delete for everyone.