Disable the programs that run at Windows startup.


With time, it is easy to accumulate on your PC many applications and other software. Some run automatically at Windows startup.

Identify the programs that run at Windows startup 10.

The task Manager is here to help you sort out your programs.

Here are 3 ways to access it :

Hasress simultaneously on the keys Ctrl, Shift and Esc.

Right-click on the taskbar, then select task Manager.

Right-click on the Start Menu, and then select task Manager..

Thanks to the task Manager, you can see the open programs, the processes running in the background..

By clicking on the option Less detail, in the lower left, the Manager will be a more simplified and more clear. In our case, only Google Chrome appears.

If you click on the Startup tab, you will see the status of all these applications and programs.

Note that all of them have the status enabled, if a program has the status disabled, you can ignore it because it means it is not loading at Windows startup.

Also, it is possible to group them according to their status, to do this you just have to click on the column Status.

Disable programs at startup.

If think that some programs do not need to launch at startup, right-click on each one and select the option Disable. They will not be removed from this list. This only means that they will no longer run automatically.

If you want to re-enable it, do a right-click and select Activate.

Important Notes :.

Won’t turn off, especially not antivirus programs or updates.

For these changes to apply, you must restart your PC.