Cyber Weekend Amazon : -65 % on the Logitech mouse M330 Silent More.


On the occasion of the Cyber weekend, Amazon offers a significant discount on the mouse M330 Silent Most of the Logitech. She thus goes from 39,99 € to 14,90 € !
A bargain to enter since even Cdiscount does not equal, where she is currently at 25 €.

For you to purchase this mouse from Amazon, then head over to this page.

Why the Logitech mouse M330 Silent More ?.

To begin with, the M330 Silent More is very nice and comfortable. It fits nicely in the hand and its coating rubber keeps sweaty hands from slipping.

Note that it is intended for right-handed people, however, via its software, left-handed users can swap the functions to use.

The M330 is very accurate, we strongly recommend it for office work and creative.

The best for last, as its name suggests and defines, the M330 is wonderfully silent. So that you and the persons near you will not hear your clicks. His roulette rubber does, it, no noise also.

We have little to complain about on this Logitech mouse, if this is that the side buttons would have been welcome.

For more information on this mouse, visit the official website of Logitech and to enjoy the Cyber weekend from Amazon please visit this page.