Comparison : iPhone 11 vs Android.


Apple has unveiled its new trio of smartphones to 2019/2020, while the iPhone Pro grab all the attention, the iPhone 11 is the most affordable of the trio, and an obvious choice for most users. But the Android are over !

We believe that many users looking for a smartphone of high quality, without spending all their savings, will hesitate between the iPhone 11, and the latest gem Android.

If you agree then please do not hesitate to read this article, we compare the iPhone 11 the best Android smartphones of the year.

Model Screen Sensors Photos RAM and Storage Price Where to buy iPhone 11 6.1 inches, LCD (1792 x 828)
326 ppi 12 Mp f/2.4, 12 Mp f/1.8 and before 12 Mp f/2.2 4 Gb ?/64 Gb
128 Gb
256 Gb 809 €
859 €
979 € Apple OnePlus 7 Pro 6.67 inches
OLED (3120 x 1440)
516 ppi back 48 Mp f/1.6, 16 Mp f/2.2, 8 Mp f/2.4
and before 16 Mp f/2.0 6 Gb/128 Gb
8 Gb/256 Gb
12 Gb/256 Gb 709 €
759 €
829 € OnePlus Xiaomi Mi 9 6,39-inch
AMOLED (2340 x 1080)
403 ppi back 48 Mp f/a 1.75, 16 Mp f/2.2 and 12 Mp f/2.2
and before 20 Mp f/2.0 6 Gb/64 Gb
6 Gb/128 Gb 459,90 €
479,90 € Xiaomi Asus ZenFone 6 6.4 inch
LCD (2340 x 1080)
403 ppi 48 Mp f/1.79 and 13 Mp f/2.4 (pop up) 6 Gb/128 Gb
12 Gb/512 Gb 559,99 €
799,99 € Asus Google Pixel 3 5.5-inch
OLED (2160 x 1080)
443 ppi rear 12 Mp f/1.8 and before 8 Mp f/2.2, 8 Mp f/1.8 4 Gb/64 Gb
4 Gb/128 Gb 859 €
959 € Google Samsung Galaxy S10 6.1 inches
AMOLED (3040 x 1440)
550 ppi rear 12 Mp f/1.5 to 2,4, 12 Mp f/2.4, 16 Mp f/2.2 10 Mp f/1.9 in 8 Gb/128 Gb
8 Gb/512 Gb 909 €
1 159 € Samsung Oppo Reno 10x Zoom 6,6 inches
AMOLED (2340 x 1080)
387 ppi back 48 Mp f/1.7, 8 Mp f/2.2, 16 Mp f/3.0 and before 16 Mp f/2.0 6 Gb/256 Gb
6 Gb/256 Gb
8 Gb/256 Gb
559 €
589 €
799 €

Amazon Huawei P30 6.1 inches
OLED (2340 x 1080)
422 ppi back 40 Mp f/1.8, 8 Mp f/2.4, 16 Mp f/2.2 and before 32 Mp f/2.0 6 Gb/128 Gb Depends on the reseller site Cdiscount, Fnac, etc Sony Xperia 1 6.5-inch
OLED (3840 x 1644)
643 ppi rear 12 Mp f/1.6, 12 Mp f/2.4, 12 Mp f/2.4 and before 8 Mp f/2.0 6 Gb/128 Gb 999 € Sony

1. iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7 Pro .


You’ll be hard-pressed to find flaws with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Its display, its sensors photos and all its technical characteristics are the best that one can find on the market Android. Not to mention that it is sold at a price that is well below that of its nearest competitors !

Compared to the iPhone 11, the OnePlus 7 Pro is 100 € cheaper and still quite impressive in all other categories. In effect, you get a top end phone with the bigger screen (6.67 inches compared to 6.1 inches) and net (516 ppi instead of 326 ppi) since it is an OLED and not an LCD.
At the rear, it features a triple module photo, unlike the duo of the iPhone 11, which is very impressive (the main unit is 48 Mp), but the sensors in the new iOS are all the same exceptional performance.

Also, by opting for the iPhone 11, you get a device compatible with wireless charging and waterproof (IP68).

2. iPhone 11 vs Xiaomi Mi 9 .


Speed is sensational, a stunning beauty and a quality-price ratio without equal, in a word, the Mi 9 is a Android mind-blowing.

In detail, it includes a fingerprint reader on the screen, the latest Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm, it is compatible with wireless charging 20 W, its screen is 6,39 inches with a ratio 90,7 % and it has 3 sensors pictures, of which the main one is Sony with a definition of 48 Mp.

Also add that the Xiaomi has a higher resolution than the iPhone 11 (403 ppi vs 326 ppi).

The iPhone 11, which costs almost 350 € extra, does not happen to the ankle of the Mi 9, even if the latter is not as accurate as the 7 Pro of OnePlus.

However, it should be noted that the iOS has a battery with a longer autonomy and that it is waterproof, unlike the Mi 9.

3. iPhone 11 vs Asus ZenFone 6 .


The ZenFone 6 is equipped with an innovative camera system that uses the same objectives in the front and the back. Thus, you get a great shot while enjoying a report screen of 92 %.

The photos captured by the ZenFone are detailed and colorful, you’ll also enjoy the ability to record in 4K/60fps with image stabilization. However, the night mode of the iPhone 11 might make you crack..

Configuration camera, the ZenFone 6 is a Android amazing ; her back curved marries beautifully with the palm of the hand and its screen without notch or edge is bigger (6.4 inch) as the iPhone (which was always a notch).

You can find the Asus Zenfone RAM 6 Gb with 64 Gb of storage space on Cdiscount, it is at this moment out of stock on the website of Asus.
For the version with 8 Gb of RAM and 256 Gb of storage, monitor the website of the brand, it should soon be available.

4. iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 3 .


The Pixel 3 offers excellent performance, especially in the area of the photo where it is a leader, and this, although it only has a sensor on the back. We also note that it also displays a very beautiful design.

– Hardware and software, the Pixel 3 and the iPhone benefit from, both, the know-how of the firm of Mountain View. One understands better why the Pixels are always the first to receive software updates and security patches.

Here, Google has paid special attention to the screen, which has been improved in comparison to the previous two generations. With 5.5 inches, it is significantly smaller than the iPhone 11, but it is a OLED. If you want the 6.3 inches, then why not opt for the Pixel 3 XL ?

Finally, back glass, allows wireless charging and it has a water-resistance rating of IP68, identical to the iPhone.

If you hesitate between the Pixel 3 and the iPhone 11 so we advise you to wait a bit as the Pixel 4, which looks very promising, will be unveiled on October 15, 2019.

5. iPhone 11 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 .


Even the Galaxy S10 standard is less affordable than the iPhone 11, with a difference of 100 €. However, it has three sensors photos back and an OLED screen of 6.1 inches and a resolution of 550 ppi. The performance of the S10 are exceptional, its design and its software are impressive.

Its battery holds well but its range is lower than that of the iPhone 11 and the XR.

6. iPhone 11 vs Oppo Reno 10x Zoom .


For less than 800 €, you get a Snapdragon 855 and a full screen without any notch, but the real highlight of the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is its trio of sensors photos. With a main goal to 48 Mp and a 5x optical zoom that can simulate 10x thanks to tricks software, it is one of the few systems photos on the market to be able to compete with the Huawei P30 Pro. The last born of Apple, him, that 2 sensors and it is devoid of any optical zoom. The Oppo and measures 6.6 inches, has a resolution of 387 ppi and it is a AMOLED display.

Be aware that the Oppo Reno 2 is expected to arrive on October 16, 2019.

Find this Oppo on Cdiscount and Amazon France.

7. iPhone 11 vs Huawei P30 .


The P30 Huawei is a superb cameraphone, the selfies are crisp, the zoom is breathtaking, and the photos in low light are rather successful.
Now, with the iPhone 11, Apple has own its night mode, but the next 3 sensors in the P30 (40 Mp, 16 Mp and 8 Mp), it is pale mine..

The P30 shows a OLED screen of 6.1 inches, a resolution of 422 ppi and a small notch.

Do we need to add that it is equipped with a jack, replaced since the iPhone 6s and by the port Lightning ? A detail which could perhaps tip the balance.

8. iPhone 11 vs Sony Xperia 1 .


The Xperia 1 will appeal to those who want a large screen (6.5-inch OLED 643 ppi), camera performance and excellent quality of manufacturing. Its design is rather unusual allows it to be held easily with one hand.

If you love to take pictures of all kinds, and make videos from a smartphone, while the Xperia you like it, especially its modes Creator and Cinema Pro.
Just like most of the Android of this comparison, he has 3 goals photos.

Price wise, note that the iPhone 11 is less expensive by almost 200 €..