Comparison : Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini.


Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini.

It is clear that the three giants of the digital, Amazon, Google and Apple, are striving to convince more consumers to upgrade to a speaker connected.

According to us, these loudspeakers voice control are the type of gadgets that you don’t think you need until you try it.

Many are those who wonder if the connected speakers are better than the wizards voice Siri (iPhone/Mac), Google Assistant (Google) or Cortana (Microsoft).

The difference is that you don’t have to manipulate or to transport them, since you control everything remotely using your voice. Even the hands taken you can use.

You are planning to buy a smart speaker, but you hesitate between the Echo Dot Amazon and the Home Mini Google ? Read the rest of this comparison to find the one you need.

Where to buy ?.

You’ve probably guessed, to obtain the Echo Dot, you need to go on

If you want to buy the Home Mini then head over to the Google play Store. It is also sold on the sites of Darty, the Fnac, Boulanger , or even of Cdiscount.

Design and features.

The Echo Dot does not have the rounded edges and the fabric cover of the Google Home, but it is so small that it finds its place in any room of your home.

The Echo Dot is available in black or white, which makes a color less than the Google Home, which is also offered in a coral.

Both cameras are equipped with loudspeakers. However, we have noted a better sound quality in the Home Mini.

The confines of Google is more powerful, it offers a more rich and extensive than the confines of Amazon. Also, the voice wizard Google is more clear and balanced.

We appreciate the fact that the buttons on the Home Mini is not visible.

To adjust the sound, simply press on the left edge/right or simply ask him to raise/lower the sound.

The disadvantage is that it is not easy to cut the micro, because its button is placed under the base, while Amazon has chosen to place it on top of the Echo Dot.

In addition, the latter has a button that allows you to put alarms in silent.

The Echo Dot is equipped with an AUX port, which is very convenient, because it gives you the ability to plug it in, via a mini jack, to the speaker.

You can even pair it to a Bluetooth speakers for better sound quality.

The Home Mini, it has no AUX port. It only uses the Bluetooth connection.

What are their performance ?.

The performance of these connected devices are what is most important in this comparison. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

To enable the Echo Dot and that he listens to you, you must, before placing any order, pronounce “Alexa”, “Amazon”, “Echo”, “Computer” and “Ok Google”, or “Say Google” to the Home Mini.

For what is their actual capacities, Alexa is more efficient for online shopping, since it is part of the environment of Amazon.

The Home Mini, to him, is most effective in the research on the internet, because its parent is Google.

You’ll notice pretty quickly that it is not a question of pure AI (Artificial Intelligence). Neither Alexa, nor the wizard Google does precisely everything that you’re going to ask them. Unlike Google, Alexa requires that you structure your commands.

Try not to complicate your instructions do not say “[Alexa/Ok Google], what movies I can see at the nearest cinema ?” as the two wizards do not reveal that a portion or certain key words.

Alexa will give you the address of the nearest cinema and not the movies. The wizard Google will show you a cinema near you.

It is the same if you ask them information (opening hours..) on the proximity stores.

Alexa you will reply with error messages, “Hmmm, I don’t know..” and Google “I can’t help you”.

Ask them questions such as, “[to Alexa/Ok Google], what is the true meaning of Christmas ?”, “[Alexa/Ok Google] how far is the moon ? or “[to Alexa/Ok Google], how many teeth has a shark ?”.

The free service IFTT (If This Then That, If This Then That), where you have to register, is available on the two speakers.

IFTT allows you to send jobs to specific applications. For example, you can ask to export photos Facebook on Dropbox or to receive weather alerts via sms.

You will be more useful on the Home Mini because it does not have “app stores” to the difference of the Echo Dot, which has access to a store of Skills, from the Amazon site.

Once you have installed the right Skills at the Echo Dot, Alexa will gain in precision and will give you the expected information.

It will give you the train times thanks to the skill or the status of a flight with Air France. What cannot (yet) make the Google Home Mini.

With Alexa, you will be able to remotely control the bulbs connected to the Philips and the thermostat Netatmo.

However, the two speakers will give you the information and the weather report. They will play your favorite songs in streaming, as you’re a subscriber to Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music or Google Play Music.

Music lovers can use multiple Echo to the times, and sync their favorite tracks, transforming their living room audio system multiroom.

If you have multiple Echo, ask Alexa to play music on an Echo in particular.

The Home Mini has the advantage of having access to Youtube and Google Photos to the opposite of the Echo Dot.

The wizard of Google is compatible with the audio multiroom and it allows you to control Chromecast.

Technical data sheet of the Google Home Mini


Environment : Google Assistant

Connection :Wi-Fi dual-band, Bluetooth, Micro-USB, ac adapter

Compatibility : Android and iOS

Audio : driver, 40 mm, its 360°, Chromecast, speakers

Size and Weight : 98 x 42 mm, 173 g

Price of sale to its release : €59 euro.


Technical data sheet of the Echo Dot


Environment : Amazon

Connection : Wi-Fi dual-band, Bluetooth, Micro-USB, ac adapter

Compatibilities : Fire OS, Android and iOS (but not Mac OS X)

Audio : 3.5 mm audio out, speakers

Size and Weight : 32 x 84 mm, 163 g

Sale price for its output : 59,99 €


Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini : what speaker is connected to buy ?.

Don’t get me wrong, you are not required to have an account with Amazon Prime to take full advantage of the features of the Echo Dot. However, if you subscribe, then you will be taken to the catalog Amazon Prime video, to Twitch, to Amazon cloud, etc

If you opt for the Home Mini you will get a very good sound, ideal for music, and you’ll find it more effective than Alexa in terms of orders.

If this is your first speaker is connected, then the Google Home Mini would suit you better.

On the other hand, if you already have the stick Fire TV with Alexa, so we advise you to turn to the Echo Dot.