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How to make a quiet PC ?.

The PCS can make a lot of noise for different reasons. Even if it is rare for it to become extremely hard, there are many ways to reduce this noise.Before you change the settings and replace elements of its hardware, it is necessary to begin to treat the root cause of the problem. In this tutorial, we explain to you different ways to make your PC more silent. Cool your PC. If the fans of your PC are noisy, it is probably because they are trying to protect the components from overheating. To know their temperature, download the program Core Temp, it is free and will only take up very little space on your computer. Before you launch this software, it is recommended to close programs the most energy-intensive (games, Photoshop, video editing software.). According to the screenshot below, you can see that the temperature of the cores of the CPU are located between 37 and 46 degrees, which is an acceptable range. On the other hand, if your CPU is idling at over 60 degrees, then you might have a cooling problem. If you consider that your PC heats up too much, then we suggest you follow our tips.