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iMac Pro 2019 : release date, price and data sheet.

The iMac Pro had been promised at a briefing in April 2017, but we had to wait for several months before its sale, which took place in December. The iMac Pro is a real bomb computer with a processor 8-core Intel Xeon W at 3.2 GHz as standard and a turbo boost of up to a maximum of 4.2 GHz (options on command can go up to 18 cores). After such a power, that might bring its next version ? Read on to find out.Release Date of the iMac Pro 2. Apple could announce a new iMac Pro by the end of this year and 2019, since the WWDC in June was, among other things, devoted to the launch of the Mac Pro. It should be on the market during the fall of 2019, at least in the United States. Price of the iMac Pro 2 . The price of the iMac Pro starts from $ 5 499 €.