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How to play PS2 games and PS3 on a PS4 ?.

Today, the PS4 and the PS4 Pro are two of the consoles most popular on the market, alongside the Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch, but what if you want to play your old PS2 games, or PS3 ? In our tutorial, we explain to you how to play your favorite games PS2 and PS3 for a PS4. Is it possible to play PS2 games or PS3 on a PS4 ?. Unfortunately, the answer is no, at least, you cant play a PS3 game/PS2 on a PS4. However, thanks to the service from Sony, PlayStation Now, it is possible to play streaming instant, games like Street Fighter IV, God of War III ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Classics HD released on the PS3, or the download. The Xbox One offers backward compatibility but why not the PS4 ?. Unlike Sony, Microsoft provides a backward compatibility with the Xbox One for around 500 Xbox 360 games.