Canal+ Series : prices and benefits.


The famous encrypted string to French, Canal+, is known for its programs in highly diverse, original and, for some bold. Since its launch in 1984, she continues to surf on this wave, and develop new ideas to conquer an audience of more and wider (and younger).

In addition to the broadcast of sports competitions and films recently released in the cinema, Canal+ is also in the tv series. In the Face of the development of platforms of video on demand by subscription and their popularity still growing, Canal+ is trying to compete by offering a focused on the ” 8th Art, which is focusing on quality and not quantity.

Subscription CHANNEL canal+ Series.

To attract the sérivores and remind some that Canal+ is full of series and original designs, the encrypted string was launched in march 2019, the package CANAL+ Series.

The latter is designed specifically for fans of the series, and also its offer to less than 12 € seems to be inspired from the one of Netflix.

Canal+ Series is without commitment, fully available in streaming (PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone with the app MyCANAL and TV with AirPlay or Chromecast).

Also, you have the possibility to download your favorite programs, as well as those that are available to the application, in order to watch them offline.

Add to this that you can enjoy up to 4 users maximum.

If you are interested then choose one of these 3 formulas presented in the summary table below :

1 user 2 users simultaneously 4 users simultaneously 6,99 €/month $ 9.99/month 11,99 €/month

Also, be aware that unlike Netflix, not all the contents have a resolution in 4K, and this, regardless of the formula chosen.

Have you heard of the Desktop Captions, Fly, of Hippocrates, of Gomorrah, of Killing Eve and even the all new original Creation of The Wild and you want to discover without waiting more, so do not hesitate !

If you want to, not only, enjoy this subscription but also other channels and programmes, then there are packages with or without commitment : Offers (CANAL+, CANAL+ channels and CANAL+) and the map. This is a pack principal that you add a pack theme, such as CANAL+, The Channels CINEMA SERIES..

Otherwise, collect the subscriptions, Canal+ Series, Prime Video and Netflix !