Black Friday : Amazon case-the price of the Surface Pro.


You hesitate between a PC and a tablet ? Slice by opting for a PC hybrid ! On the occasion of Black Friday, Amazon reduced the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro. She spends 699,99 € to 579 €, in comparison, Microsoft is selling at 629 €.

To take advantage of the good plan Amazon on this PC hybrid, Microsoft, go on this page.

The below the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017).

Certainly, it is output there has already been 2 years, almost 3, but it is not obsolete, so that it is part of our ranking of the best PC hybrid on the market.

The Surface Pro has kept the same elegant design, neat and slender of the 4th generation with the magnesium chassis, but it has gained weight (770 g).

Its screen, with rounded edges, at the resolution 2736 x 1824 pixels, captures the ambient light and reproduces beautifully the colors of your videos, images, etc

For its performance, the Surface Pro carries a chip Intel Core M (for speed, we recommend its model with Intel Corei5, at a minimum, on-Street Trade it is to 919,99 €).

It has a 4 Gb RAM, a ROM of 128 Gb, enough to be enough to save photos, documents and a few videos.

According to Microsoft, the battery has a battery life of a little more than 13h, but in reality it holds much less, nevertheless it lasts a day of work.

To summarize : its strengths notable are its portability and its screen. Among its faults, it has its battery which is disappointing (yet) and the price is too high for the keyboard sold separately.

Note that the Surface Pro is devoid of a USB port-C.

This PC hybrid is a very good product from Microsoft, and the offer from Amazon is very tempting, but the proposed model is not the most powerful.

If power is your main criteria then aim for its declination, with an Intel Core i5 or i7, if not go for the Pro 6 or Pro 7 came out recently, but they are much more expensive.