Battlefield 6, or Battlefront 3 for 2022 ?.


Based on the timing of the outputs of EA, we thought that Battlefield 6, or Battlefront 3 would come out in 2019.

Star Wars Battlefront – November 2015.
Battlefield 1 – October 2016.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 – November 2017.
Battlefield V – November 2018.

But, that certainely..

Star Wars Battlefront 3.

Almost there was every reason to believe that Star Wars Battlefront 3 was part of the forecast for the end of 2019, but it is rather Star Wars Jedi :Fallen Order which was launched on 15 November 2019.

Obviously, we knew that Electronic Arts was not going to run the risk of getting out both a single-player game and a multiplayer game in the same month, instead of two games Star Wars. What made us doubt as to a possible release of Star Wars Battlefront 3 for 2019.

In addition, after a frosty reception from the Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2017, the users expect that EA takes the time to perfect the formula of his game before launching a new edition of its series.

Recently, Dennis Brännvall, the director-design Star Wars, has suggested that Battlefront 3 is not a priority.

Battlefield 6.

Battlefield V is still in development, the team is working to create new maps and add more details to the Battle Royale mode.

In addition to this, Tides of War Battlefield V should also continue to develop by 2019, bringing new content to the series is very appreciated by EA and thus satisfy its loyal players.

By spending so much time on Battlefield V, we were convinced that the new Battlefield 6 could not get out the end of 2019.. However, last year, fans of multiplayer games have been filled by the new edition of Anthem and the updates made to Battlefield V.

Finally, in October, 2019, EA has confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be released between April 2021 and march 2022.