Apple WWDC 2018 : dates, products, and live blog.


The WWDC stands for Worldwide Developer Conference, is one of the annual events the most important Apple.

During this conference, the brand reveals the updates that will appear on all of its products. It also introduces new products. In 2017, it was the HomePod. What will it be this year ?

When is the WWDC 2018 ? .

The WWDC 2018 will be held from 4 to 8 June in San Jose, California. The lectures will take place in the McEnery Convention Center.

When will the WWDC keynote ? .

The keynote of the WWDC will be held June 4, at 10am, local time, at 19h French time.

Can you watch the keynote from the WWDC streaming ? .

Yes, the presentation of the WWDC will be streamed live on the Apple site.

What to expect during the WWDC 2018 ? .

The WWDC is the opportunity for Apple to show the improvements that will be made to its operating systems.

Major updates are planned, it is expected, therefore, to hear about the details of iOS 12 (iPhone, ipad), macOS 10.14 (Mac), of WatchOS 5 (Apple watch) and tvOS 12 (Apple TV).

As for the new features that will be presented, Apple should focus primarily on the security and stability with these new updates.

It is also possible that Apple talks about its ambitions in television and film. The mark would in effect be the “new Netflix” and its first original series will be produced by Spielberg in person.

Apple Pay could also be placed on the front of the stage, with the launch of Apple Pay in Cash in most countries.

New Apple products will be announced during WWDC ? .

We expect several announcements in terms of products, as the release date of the charger AirPower or the launch of a new iPhone or iPad with Face ID.

The chinese site news is the first to have mentioned the release of a new iPhone. This would be a surprise, but not without precedent, as the iphone 3G, 3GS and 4 have all been announced at the keynote WWDC.

It is also expected that Apple unveils a new iPad Pro with Face ID and a bigger screen (made possible thanks to the reduction of the bezels and the removal of the Home button).

For the moment, these are of course just rumours, with more or less foundation. It will have to wait for June 4 to learn more !

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Go here, Monday, 4 June at 19h, to follow live the keynote of Apple.