Apple Watch : to optimize the autonomy of your battery.


According to the manufacturer, the Apple Watch has a battery life of 18 hours, “90 checks the time, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of use in apps and a workout of 30 minutes with playing music from the Apple Watch using the Bluetooth.”

When we tested the Apple Watch Series 2, it was exhausted after two days of use, it has been the same for the Apple Watch Series 3, however the cellular data have been used in moderation.

In this tutorial, we give you 20 tips on how to maximize the life of your battery.

We have a tutorial similar to the iPhone and the iPad.

The battery life of the Apple Watch .


The american company has tested the Apple Watch 1era generation, combined with an iPhone. The battery has held for nearly 18 hours, or 90 checks per hour, a use of apps, for about 45 minutes and a drive of half an hour, with music in the background and Bluetooth.

The batteries of the Apple Watch 2 –th and 3 –th generation have a battery life much higher. They have, respectively, lasted 54 hours (2 nights after a basic usage) and 39 hours (overnight).

Regardless of your usage, expect to charge your watch at least one night on two. The Apple Watch of 1era and 3 –th generation (with the use of the data) require a recharge every night.

If your Apple Watch seems to have a self-less, please do not hesitate to apply our tips.

Level of the battery .


To view the battery level of your Apple Watch, go to the Control Center (swipe the screen to the top), it will be shown on the left in percentage.

To know how much time the battery has been sought, since its last recharge, open the application Apple Watch on your iPhone, go to the tab My watch (icon in the lower left), General, and tap Usage (at the bottom of the menu).

If you think that this does not reflect your usage, then there is strong chance that an application or a feature that draws on your battery, even if you do not use it.

Cellular data .


You have an Apple Watch Series 3, and you frequently use your cellular data ? Remember to moderate your consumption data, in which case your battery will very quickly deplete.

Wallpapers .


Prefer the wallpapers have very few colors and graphics.

The more your wallpaper is simple, the more you preserve the battery.

Animations .


For less strain on the battery of your Apple Watch, reduce the animations.

To do this, go to the application Apple Watch of your iPhone, tap General → Accessibility → Reduce the animations and enable this feature.

This way, when you open or close an app, the animation (movement of the icons, e.g.) will be simplified and more static.

Raise the wrist .


Is it that you throw your arms in the day ? You drink often coffee or you talk with your hands ?

If the answer is yes, we recommend that you disable the option to Enable the raising of the wrist.

In fact, as soon as your Apple Watch senses movement of your wrist, the time and your alerts are displayed on the screen.

Note that if this feature is disabled, you will not be able to take advantage of some of the measures to the activities.

To deactivate Lift the Wrist from your iPhone, go to the tab My watch, tap on General , and click Enable at the rising of the wrist.

To do this from the Apple Watch, go to SettingsGeneral → Enable raising of the wrist.

Mode Silence .


Switch to silent mode can also help you extend the life of your battery.

Since the app Apple Watch to your iPhone, go to My shows, tap on Sound and vibration, and then drag the cursor set to Silent Mode.

The sound of alarms and timers will remain, it enabled, unless the watch is charging.

Digital Touch .


If you want to use your battery all day long without recharging, remember to minimize your interactions (messages, drawings, ocd..).

Notifications .


As for your iPhone, if you do not want to drain too fast your battery-do not select that notifications are essential and be very selective.

In the app Apple Watch, go to Notifications and disable the least useful.

Email Notifications .


Of all the apps, Mail is the one that deserves your attention. In fact, as soon as you receive an e-mail, shows you the notifies. It will therefore be necessary to fine-tune your email notifications.

For example, choose to be notified only at the reception of an e-mail VIP (previously configured in Mail).

On your iPhone, go to My Shows → Notifications → Mail → Customize, then configure to Display the alerts. Make sure that everything is disabled, except for the option VIP.

However, to save even more battery, we recommend that you turn off all the alerts.

The notifications related to your activities .


Why not turn off some or all of the notifications related to your activities ? For example, you can disable the feature to get up, and your watch will remind you that you have to stand up every hour.

You can also disable the alerts for your daily goals, challenges, etc

Exercise, energy-Saving mode .


Although it is not possible to prevent app Activity of work (only notifications), you can also activate the power Saving Mode from the app Exercise.

As well, your montre will undergo less stress on the battery and the heart rate monitor will be stopped when you walk and run.

However, please note that this deactivation will with less accuracy the number of calories burned.

From your iPhone, go to My shows → Year → power-Saving Mode.

Force quit applications .


If you think that an app consumes a lot more energy than it should, you can force her to stop.

To do this, go to the application in question, tap and hold on the side button.

When you see the option to turn Off to appear, press and hold the Crown to a digital one, until it reappears on the home screen. The application is closed.

Plans .


As soon as you have determined your itinerary, we recommend that you disable the feature Plans. To do this, press and hold the Plans, and then tap the small cross.

Delete apps .


The launch of the Apple Watch, the american company has said that users will be able to enjoy 3 500 apps.

Just like the notifications, we recommend that you keep only the ones you need. If you are unable to make a choice, you can keep these apps on your iPhone and delete them on your Apple Watch. Furthermore, only third-party apps can be deleted.

Since the app Apple Watch to your iPhone, go to My shows, select the application to remove and disable the option Display on the Apple Watch.

The grayscale mode .


If you want to desperately keep the little battery you have left, turn a Shade of gray that is much less energy intensive than the colors.

To do this, go into the app from your iPhone, My watch → General → Accessibility, and then configure the filter – Shades of gray.

The mode Do not disturb and Airplane mode .


To prevent the notifications of out of your Apple Watch from its sleep mode, enable the mode Do not disturb. Go to the control Center, then tap the icon of the crescent Moon.

If not, you can turn on Airplane mode. Note that this will cut off any communication between your Apple Watch and your iPhone. Go into the control Center and tap the icon of thePlane.

The Bluetooth connection .


When the user has an urgent need to save the battery of the Apple Watch, it has a tendency to turn Bluetooth off.

Apple states that to maximize the battery life, the Bluetooth needs to stay activated on the iPhone, as much as it makes “the communications more effective.”

The Reserve mode .


The battery level is approaching 10 % ? Your last option is to enable the Reserve mode, and your Apple Watch will do you to display the time.

Go to the control Center, tap the sign a percentage (top left), then the Reserve mode. According to Apple, this mode would allow to extend a few days the battery life of your battery.

If you want to return to the energy mode to normal, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Note that the Apple Watch will automatically switch to Reserve mode when the level of the battery is lower than 10 %.

Reset the Apple Watch .


You have implemented all of our tips, and you are convinced that your Apple Watch does not function properly ? Some users suggest to reset the Apple Watch.

To do this, press and hold simultaneously the Crown digital and the side button until the screen is black.