Apple Watch Series 5 : release date, price and new features.


The Apple Watch Series 5 was unveiled during the Keynote Apple of September 10, and it is not a redesign as was the Series 4, which is also his farewell.

When released the Apple Watch Series 5 and what is its price ?.

The Apple Series 5 is already available for pre-order, and from the 20th of September it will be on sale in stores. His version of the Cellular is at 549 € (SFR or Orange) and GPS is at 449 €.

Note that the Series 4 is no longer sold on the Apple site and that the manufacturer has reduced the price of the Series 3 (released 2017), it starts at 229 €.

Design of the Apple Watch Series 5.

The design of the Apple Watch Series 5 has not been re-worked as we thought. However, new models have been added, Nike, Hermès, titanium and a version in white ceramic, called the Apple Watch Edition (from 849 €).


New features.

The Apple Watch 5th generation is slightly different from its older sister, the following is a summary of its small innovations.


Big news on the Apple Watch : its Retina display, Always on Display that will remain always on. Thus, you will be able to see the time and all other data without having to move your wrist. However, as soon as the lift of the wrist is detected or when you tap on the screen, that is cleared up.
We hope that it is possible to turn this option off to conserve the battery.


With the Apple Watch Series 5, go hiking and not worry about it ! Its GPS and compass built-in and will be there to guide you and keep you on the right path, to which you can add the use of apps Compass and Plans.


In addition to the app ECG, the function of the emergency Call international has been integrated with the latter you can also call the rescue where you are in the world, and this even without having your iPhone close to you.

This is not all, the Apple Watch keeps an eye on the menstrual cycle of its users via the app..Follow-up cycle, and fill all the world, she is listening to the noise around you and reminds you to order to relax.

Let us not forget that the App Store is accessible from the Watch, so if any other app Health you are interested,do not hesitate !

What is the software of the Apple Watch Series 5 ?.

Without any doubt, the Apple Watch Series 5 works under watchOS 6, which will be available as of September 19, 2019.