Apple id : what to do if your account is blocked ?.


Your Apple account has been hacked ?.

If your Apple account is blocked, it is more likely that an individual have tried to use it but unable to guess the password.

To a certain extent, the suspension of your Apple id is a good news. This means that the hacker who has targeted your account does not reach its purposes and that your data bank is safe.

In the case of a hacking attempt, you will receive an email from Apple telling you that “your id has been locked for security reasons”.

If you have adopted the system of two-factor id you will then receive a message to inform you that a new computer has just logged-in to your Apple account.

Unlock his Apple account.

Regardless of the reason for which your Apple id is suspended, you can unlock your user account through the site Here are the steps to follow :

– You go on

– Type in your Apple id (this is usually your email address).

– Type the code that appears on the screen the screen to prove that you’re not a robot.

– Click on Continue.

The page that appears after you do this depends on your security settings.

If you are not using any of the processes of security, you will need your password to unlock your account. You will also need to address the security issues that you had saved.

If you have implemented the two-factor id, you will receive a code via SMS or on a verified device. You will need to enter this verification code in order to unlock your account and change your password.

If you use the old method of two-step verification, you will need your recovery key. This code 14-digit was sent to you by e-mail when you registered for the first time.

Attention to Phishing .

Not to be the victim of cybercriminals, make sure to never reply to mails.

This technique of hacking by e-mail, also known as phishing, is to trap the users to reveal their access codes to certain websites or, simply, their data bank.

The messages sent by the hackers are similar almost in any point of the official emails but they redirect their readers to fraudulent sites.

It is often possible to recognize a malicious e-mail message to his bad spelling and its formulations strange. If you have a doubt about an e-mail, always verify his / her mailing address.

Note that as a general rule, it is better not to connect to his Apple account that since Also, consider changing password on a regular basis.

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