Apple : Back to School 2019.


Reentry involves many expenses with school materials, and Apple is well aware. The american company therefore offers discounts on products to students through its offering Back to School. Read on to learn more.

The offer Back to School in 2019.

This is the July 9, 2019 that Apple has launched the top start of his operation Back to School. It allows students and teachers to receive discounts on the purchase of a Mac, including new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, iPad Pro or iPad Air from the Apple Store for Education.

In addition, through these promotions, you get a free choice of a product that Beats (headphone Studio3, Solo3, headphones BeatsX) depending on whether you buy a Mac or an iPad.

Don’t waste too much time, this promotional offer ends on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

This is not all, be aware that you can also benefit from 20% reduction on the coverage AppleCare+. This is a telephone support provided by Apple experts.

How to take advantage of the offer Back to School ?.

To benefit from the offer Back to School, you must have the status of a student or employee of the school (teachers, researchers, administrative staff..) and confirm it on the website UniDAYS, or by visiting an Apple store. The other requirement is to purchase one of the eligible products (Mac or iPad) from the Apple Store for Education.

If you want to buy a Mac, iPad, or iPod, outside of the program, Back to School, and even better price, then take a look at the Apple certified refurbished product.

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