Apple Arcade : the service of video games by subscription from Apple.


To be announced at the event It’s show time march 25, Apple Arcade is a subscription service that allows you to play titles top of the range since your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, as much as you want.

In this article, we have compiled all the information about this new service from Apple, its release date, its price and its games.

What is Apple Arcade ?.

Arcade is a service gaming by monthly subscription, mainly for iOS, but that will also be usable on tvOS and macOS.

This package will not include all of the games present on the App Store, but it is all the same of more than 100 titles, enough to keep you occupied during long journeys.

With Apple Arcade, the company has preferred to focus on quality rather than quantity, and wants to only offer high-quality games, payable in advance.
This service will not have any announcement or additional payment, as opposed to the free tracks that rely on ads and that have in app purchases. Of more, Arcade undertakes not to collect your data.

Arcade is not designed to compete with streaming services from Microsoft, Sony, or even Google’s Stadia (which was announced earlier in march 2019), in which the games are offered through their servers. In fact, Apple Arcade is based on the download of its titles on the devices that are compatible, and these can also be played in offline mode.

According to the firm, you will be able to start a game on your iPhone, for example, and resume on an iPad connected to the same account.
However, for that to happen, a system of communication between devices (such as iCloud) will be necessary.

Apple Arcade is accessible via a tab built-in to the App Store App.

Why Apple says it’s Apple Arcade ?.

iOS is the largest gaming platform on the planet, but it seems that it happened almost by accident, as the corollary of the unprecedented success of the iPhone.

In order to offer quality titles, Apple has applied to understand the universe of the game and the desires of the gamer. So much is so that a lot of developers have abandoned iOS because it is very difficult to make progress and establish itself.

However, this could all be about to change, since Apple will partly fund the development of games on the Arcade.

What games are included in Apple Arcade ?.

More than 100 titles will be available on the different platforms of Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. For the moment, we know that these 33 games will be included :

Sluggish : Heart of the Elder Tree.
Beyond a Steel Sky


Where The Cards Fall.
The Pathless.
LEGO Brawls


Hot Lava.
Oceanhorn 2 : Knights of the Lost Realm.
Mr. Turtle.
Frogger in Toy Town.
Shantae 5.
Lega Arthouse.
No Way Home.
Down in Bermuda.
The Bradwell Conspiracy.
Projection : First Light.
Sayonara Wild Hearts.


Little Orpheus.
Sneaky Sasquatch.
UFO on Tape : First Contact.
Sonic Racing.
Doomsday Vault.
Enter The Construct.
Winding Worlds.
Kings of the Castle


It is very important to note that the term “exclusive” used by Apple means that the games offered by Apple Arcade could be available on other platforms. Like Shantae 5 will be playable on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

We should get a complete list of titles in the run up to the launch of the Arcade.

Be aware that if you’re a developer and you want to make a game, you can then get in contact with Apple right now.

What is the date of availability of Apple Arcade ?.

Apple has announced that Apple Arcade will be available in France as early as 19 September.

What will be the price of a subscription to Apple Arcade ?.

Apple Arcade will cost 4,99 €/month for the whole family, its 1st month is free, you can share an account with a maximum of 6 people and at no additional charge.