Android : how to transfer files to an SD card ?.


Some Android, especially for those entry-level, offer only a 4 or even 8 Gb of storage. This can be very restrictive, since once the memory of your device is filled, it is impossible to take new photos, download apps, files ..

Fortunately, the vast majority of smartphones and tablets have a microSD port.

What is a MicroSD card ?.

A microSD card is a memory card that allows you to increase the storage capacity of your smartphone or tablet.

Before you get one, be sure to verify the specifics of your Android. Some smartphones accept microSD cards of up to 128 Gb of storage, while others are limited to 32 Gb.

Once you have purchased a microSD that is compatible with the model of your phone, it does not remain you more that to make your space the main storage.

Format the microSD card.

Some models of the smartphone will ask you to format your microSD card before you can use it. It is, for example, the case of the Motorola G4 used in this tutorial.

– Once the microSD card inserted in your phone, a message is displayed on your home screen with two choices : browse or eject. Press on browse.

– Make appear the options of your SD card by pressing the three dots (top right of the screen), then select Storage Settings.

– If you want to use your microSD card as internal memory (such as for store apps) press to Format it as internal memory.

Confirm the formatting of the SD card.

– Finally, you can choose to transfer your data immediately to your new space of SD memory or to do that later.

To transfer apps from your Android to your microSD card.

Once you have formatted your microSD card (if needed), you can start to transfer apps.

– Go to SettingsApplications.

Then, tap an application that you would like to transfer. Note that you cannot store on the microSD that the downloaded apps on your Android, and not those that were pre-installed.

– Now in the info page of the application is selected, select Storage.

– Press Change and then choose to transfer the application to your microSD Card.

Confirm the removal of the application.

The applications are non-transferable .

All the applications are not transferable on an SD card and some phones do not allow you to store apps on an SD card.

The fact that an app can be transferred on a SD card depends on the developer and, you guessed it, the manufacturer of the phone.

Thus, if sometimes the option of transferring to an SD card does not appear, this means that the application you have selected is unfortunately not transferable.

Transfer photos, videos, and music on an SD card.

Some Android offer the possibility of transferring of a sudden almost all the data of your smartphone on your microSD, others are not.

– To know in what circumstances you are in, go to SettingsStorage.

– Press microSD Card.

– Press the three dots (top right of the screen) to make appear the options.

– Choose Transfer data.

If the data transfer does not appear, you will need to move your files individually or through the intermediary of a computer. This second option is the fastest.

– Connect your smartphone to your computer and browse its contents.

You should see the contents of your phone and your SD card in two separate folders.

– Transfer the contents of your smartphone on your computer then move the file in the folder of your SD card. Be careful not to move Android file system.