Android backup : contacts, photos and SMS.


As careful as one is, one is never 100 % safe from losing their Android or break. Because of this, to gain peace of mind, it is better to back up its valuable data : contacts, videos, photos, messages ..

To back up its settings, its apps and its data Google .

A few settings allow you to keep some important data from your Android.

First of all, open your settings and scroll to the bottom and then tap on Backup and reset.

There, make sure that Backup my data is enabled and that the backup account is correcte. We also recommend that you allow the option to Restore automatically, which is very convenient when you change your smartphone or tablet.

Then, go back into your settings, select Accounts and tap Google. The list of data that is synchronized with your Google account will then appear : Calendar, Contacts, Docs ..

When you choose to sync these applications, you make their content available from any device connected to your Google account (smartphone, tablet, PC ..).

Back up photos and videos on Android .

The simplest way to save your photos is to synchronize automatically with your Google account Photos. Your photos will be kept private (unless you choose otherwise) and they will be accessible from your google Drive, Google + and your Photos app.

You can store as much photos standard resolution (2048p) that you want, but the photos in actual size (default) will be deducted from your storage. Google offers 15 Gb of free storage and it costs 1,99 € per month for 100 Gb.

To enable the automatic backup of your photos, open the application Google Photos.

The first time you use the app, a message appears asking you if you want to “Save and sync automatically your photos.

Confirm the action and go to the settings of the app by clicking on the logo on the menu (the three horizontal bars in the top left of the screen).

There, press Back up and sync to display settings such as the size of import and accept or not, make backups in roaming (that is to say, using your data 4G, that we do not recommend).

You can also save other pictures, such as those downloaded from the internet or received via WhatsApp for example. For this, go to Albums and choose which folders you want to keep.

If you want to keep photos on your Google cloud, but delete them from your smartphone, you can go into your menu (the three horizontal bars) and press to Free up space.

If you want to delete photos from your phone and from your cloud, you have to do is select them and press the trash icon.

It is also possible to manually transfer the photos from your smartphone on a computer simply by using a USB cable. You will find your photos in a folder named, most of the time, DCIM, and you will have to copy and paste to your hard drive.

Back up SMS messages on Android .

According to the model of your smartphone, it is possible that you have an integrated program to backup your SMS. This is the case for example of some HTC, Xiaomi ..

To do this, simply go into your application message and look at the options in your menu.

If this is not your case, you can download a third party application like SMS backup.

Make automatic backups .

If you don’t like the idea of using a cloud to back up your Android then you may be interested in the charging cable of MEEM. The latter allows you to charge your iPhone or Android while making automatically a copy of your phone on its part key usb (contacts, calendars, messages, photos, videos, and music).