Amazon Prime : price, benefits and a free offer.


Have you ever heard of Amazon Prime, a free service of the giant of e-commerce ? To know all the details of what it has to offer, read the rest of this article.

Subscriptions Amazon Prime, and Prime Student.

To the subscription of Amazon Prime, you benefit from a trial offer of 30 days free of charge. If you are a student, be aware that you can subscribe to the offer Premium Student (formerly Premium Youth) and thus benefit from a 50% discount on the package Amazon Prime.

The main feature of Prime is the delivery, subject to eligibility you will get a delivery unlimited free one-business-day, for some addresses, delivery can be done the same evening.

Premium includes access to a streaming platform, video, music, a cloud, a lending library, eBook, Bonus Day (transaction balances) and you have priority on the Flash Sales !

Note that it is possible to share your account with two members of your family.

At the end of these 30 days, you can cancel your subscription at no extra cost, which is handy if you only want to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day and its flash sales.

If you want to use Amazon Prime more for a long time, here is a breakdown of prices below :

Subscription Amazon Prime and Prime Student, what are their rates ?.

The service Amazon Prime is available in 2 subscription packages. There is the offer of € 49 per year, with a first month free and the monthly fee Amazon Prime, 5.99 €.

For students, Amazon has launched the service Premium Student, it gives you the right to 90-day free trial, then it switches to 24 € per year, you can cancel at any time.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime ?.

What do you get compared to almost 50 € per year ? Here are the top 10 benefits to subscribing to Amazon Prime.

1. Amazon Prime Day.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime, it is also able to enjoy the exclusivity of a lot of good business during a special day Flash sales, the Amazon Prime Day, to learn more, read our article devoted. If you are interested, then please visit this page and become a free member.

2. Amazon Prime Music.

With Prime Music, you can access automatically to more than 2 million titles. However, to access a comprehensive library of nearly 50 million songs, so you will need to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited.

The individual offer costs €9.99/month (or 99 €/year), the family is 14.99 €/month (up to 6 accounts). And, the hens of new subscribers who own a speaker Amazon Echo or the Fire TV , then you only pay 3,99 €/month.

Note that the free trial for a period of 1 month is available for individual offering as well as family.

3. Amazon Prime Video.

On Amazon Prime Video rival Netflix, you will find hundreds of movies, series and tv shows. In addition, you can download them to watch in offline mode.

4. Lending library Kindle.

The owners of a Kindle e-book reader will be able to borrow one book per month for free.

5. Audible .

With Audible, you have access to a wide choice of audio books and podcasts (more than 400 000 titles). The subscription is without commitment and can be cancelled whenever you want. During your first month in an audio book is available to you and then Audible is 9.95 €, you will realize cost savings without any problem.

6. Bonus Reading.

For fans of reading (not necessarily a Kindle), there is a Bonus Reading. Thanks to this service, access to hundreds of ebooks for your Kindle, computer, smartphone or tablet via the free app Kindle.

7. Amazon Family.

Amazon Family you get 20 % discount on diapers as well as a range of products dedicated to the family.

8. Amazon Pantry.

Subscribers Premium can also order their shopping on Amazon. Pantry, which was translated into French as garde-manger, is the last service of the platform and allows you to deliver all kinds of everyday products (non-refrigerated) : beverages, cereals, paper towels..

There is no minimum purchase, the delivery will cost 3,99 € for the first box (up to 20 kg, then us $ 0.99 per extra box) and the delivery time is between 2 and 3 working days.

9. Prime Now .

If you want your order to arrive in two hours or less instead of 24 hours, subscribe to Premium Now (requires a minimum purchase of 20 €).

10. Twitch Premium.

Thanks to Twitch Premium, you will have access to free games every month. Subscribe at no additional cost to a chain to the platform to watch and comment on video games full of other players.

11. Amazon Photos.

Prime Photos allows you to upload and store an unlimited number of photos in the cloud, so you keep it safe and have access to it from any device.

12. Amazon Prime Channels.

Members Premium also have access to the streaming service Premium Video Channels via a subscription card, without the commitment (cancellable at any time), which ranges from 1,99 € to 4.99 €/month.

You can subscribe to channels such as Action, Max (action films), MGM (series, blockbusters in the us), Gullimax, Tfou Max, for example, for children, Automoto, or Geo Television. There’s something for all tastes, all ages and the list of channels is expected to grow.

Enjoy Premium Channels from the app Premium Video installed on your mobile devices, your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, tablet Fire and online.