Amazon Echo 3 : release date, price and features.


Two years after the launch of the second generation, and only a few weeks after the announcement of the Fire TV Cube at IFA (not yet available for France), Amazon held a conference, yesterday, September 25, to introduce new products home automation. Our flair has proven to be effective since, as we had foreshadowed, the 3rd generation Echo, in addition to a new Echo Dot with clock built-in LED and an Echo a high-end Studio, have been released.

What is the release date and the price of the Amazon Echo 3 ?.

The Echo 2 was launched in October 2017, so we’re not surprised that his successor has its release date scheduled for October 16, 2019. However, it is now précommandable ! Its price was set to 99.99 €, or 20 € more than the Echo 2.

What are the new features of the Echo 3 ?.

According to Amazon, its Echo is better on all points of view, it is available in anthracite, grey melange, sand and a new colour : blue-grey.

More importantly, the audio quality has been improved by incorporating the architecture of the Echo More.

There are also new features such as Guest Connect, which enables any user to connect to their own account to any speaker Alexa the surrounding countryside.


There are very few things wrong with the Echo 2, and Amazon is constantly improving the capabilities and competencies to Alexa. Despite everything, the Echo 2 is not perfect. Indeed, at the time of its launch, many have complained of the promise of a better sound, which is, in fact, proved worse than his predecessor..

Fortunately, Amazon has, by way of an update, managed to rectify the situation and to give a sound to Echo 2 of the same quality as the original.

You will also find privacy features, for example you can ask Alexa what she just heard, and pressing a physical button Stop for disconnecting the microphones.