AirPods Pro : release date, price and features.


AirPods Pro.
Available on the Apple site.
Noise reduction active.
New design .
Mode Transparency.
Seal, index IPX4.
At a price of 279 €


On October 28, 2019, it is with surprise that Apple has unveiled the AirPods Pro, just seven months after the release of the AirPods 2.

In this article, we will reveal all on the new AirPods 3 Pro, their release date, their design, their features and their price.

Price and release date of the AirPods Pro .

The AirPods Pro have been presented on the 28th of October 2019, they are already available on the Apple website, on Amazon and on Macway.

Currently, the AirPods second generation, with their case load, are sold at the price of € 179. If you want to buy with the case of wireless charging, then you will have to pay 229 €.

The AirPods Pro cost, them, 100 € or 279 €, a price which reflects a major overhaul, and the addition of new features.

What look like the AirPods 3 ?.

On the occasion of this update, Apple has revised the design of its headphones 100 % wireless.

While the models of 2016 and march 2019 had a form a right angle, the AirPods Pro, are most oblique. Their stems are shorter and the charging case is smaller than its predecessor.

The headphones have been redesigned and are customizable with three different sizes of ear tips are available.

Previously, the AirPods were solid and rigid, today they are soft and flexible for a better fit in the hollow of your ear.

Our only disappointment is that they do not exist yet in any other colour other than white..

Sensor-pressure .

On these intras Apple 3rd generation, you can control certain functions using a sensor-pressure located on the stem of your AirPods Pro.

It allows you to control your music, calls and switch between different modes such as noise Reduction or active Transparency (explained below).

What are the new features of the AirPods Pro ?.

Now, we come to the hardware and functions that make their arrival on these new headphones from Apple.

Noise reduction active.

As was predicted, the AirPods Pro welcome (finally !) noise Reduction active.

They have a system of microphones which detect ambient noise and then cancel it by spreading the waveform opposite.

The AirPods have two microphones beamforming, the one pointing toward the outside, and with a noise, the other directed towards the ear.

Apple boasts even adjust its noise Reduction to 200 times per second.

Mode Transparency.

The x-ray mode is designed for you to hear what’s happening around you. It leaves filter the outside noise so that you are always aware of the danger, without spoil your listening pleasure.

To enable it, simply perform a long press on the sensor-pressure.


The AirPods Pro-rated IPX4 according to IEC 60529 and are, therefore, classified as “resistant to sweat and water”.

You can wear them when you go jogging in the rain or in the course of your intense exercises. However, they are not designed for the practice of water sports.

Technical data sheet .

SiP technology based on the chip H1.
IPX4, resistant to water and perspiration .
Bluetooth 5.0.
Two microphones beamforming.
30,9 x 21,8 x 24 mm.
5.4 g (the case weighs 45.6 g).
Compatible chargers certified Qi.
Up to 4.5 hours of listening with a single charge.
More than 24 hours of battery life with the charging case.