AirPods : how to enable sharing of audio ?.


The feature of Sharing audio to Apple, available on AirPods 2nd generation, appeared during the update to iOS 13. It allows you to stream audio from your iPhone, or iPad, on two pairs of headphones AirPods or Beats simultaneously.

In this way, a loved one can enjoy with you your playlist.

This feature interest you ? In the remainder of this article, we will explain how to enable the audio sharing on your AirPods and your intras Beats.

The devices compatible with the Audio Sharing.

For the sharing of audio content works, your iPhone or iPad will need to be updated for iOS 13.1, iPadOS 13.1. Note that all of the iPhone since the model 8 support sharing audio.

The iPad 9.7-inch (2017/2018), 10.2 inch, Mini (2019), iPad Air (2019) and all iPad Pro from 2017 are also compatible with this function.

Be aware that the audio sharing is not limited to the wireless headphones from Apple. However, it requires that each user has a headset or in-ear with a chip H1 or W1 of Apple.

Because of this, it is available with the AirPod 2, AirPod Pro, Beats Solo3 Wireless, Studio3 Wireless, BeatsX, Powerbeats3 Wireless and Powerbeats Pro.

Enable sharing audio with a second pair of AirPods.

In a first step, make sure that your AirPods are connected to your iPhone or iPad. To enable sharing of audio, it is necessary that the AirPods your friend’s are in their enclosure, itself placed near your iOS.

Open the enclosure.
On your iOS, select temporarily Share the audio.
Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. .
Press and hold the button on the back of the case.


Credit : Apple

Even if you are already in listening mode, you can share your audio content during playback on your iPhone.

Turn on your headphones or your headphones.
On your iOS or via your App music streaming is on the locked screen, touch the playback (a triangle with three circles on the top).
Move your smartphone to one of your friend.
Select Share audio on your iPhone.
Tap connect on the iPhone of your friend.

Enable the sharing of audio with headphones Beats.

The above method is effective only between the AirPods. The process is slightly different for the Beats.

Turn on the Beats. .
Connect it to your iPad or iPhone.
Briefly press the power button of the Beats.
Bring your devices.
On your iOS, tap Share temporarily the audio.

Control the audio sharing.

With the audio sharing, you’ll control both your earphones and your friend. This also includes, by default, the volume.

To individually adjust the sound of the two pairs of earphones :

On your iOS, open the control center.
Press and hold the volume slider. .
Drag the two volume controls.

Credit : Apple

Disable the audio sharing.

To end the connection and disable the audio sharing :

On the locked screen, tap the icon To listen to.
Tap on the name of the headphones that you want to disable.