AirPods 2 : release date, price and features.


Apple launched its line of headphones 100 % wireless AirPods. Now, they allow you to make a call to Siri, thanks to its new chip H1. Thus, you will no longer need to go through your iPhone to start a playlist or increase the volume, for example.

Discover without further delay, the AirPods 2, their release date, prices, technical specifications, and features.

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Price and release date of the AirPods.

There are two new models of AirPods are available, the only difference is whether you want to buy a case of regular charging, or wireless.

The AirPods with housing and charging a standard cost 179 €, and those provided with the enclosure, wireless reach the price of 229 €.

However, if you do want the box, wireless charging (without the new Airpods) then, it will cost 89 €.

It is already possible to order the AirPods 2, for delivery as early as next week.


The design of this new edition of the AirPods is similar to the 1st generation, although we expect a version in black..


The biggest change made to the AirPods 2 is located on the inside. They are now equipped with a new chip, the H1, in replacement to the W1.

Thanks to it, you will be able to activate Siri by voice, unlike the 1st generation where it is necessary to double-tap the AirPods.

According to Apple, the chip H1 also offers a wireless connection faster and more stable.

Battery and charging.

The purchase of AirPods, you will have the choice between a case of charging and a standard housing-in wireless charging (which can also be plugged in).

If you do spend 15 minutes of charging to these new AirPods, you can enjoy three hours of listening or so, or two hours of conversation.