28 tricks to know to make the most of your iPhone.


Strengthen your password .


Use a mixture of letters and numbers increases the complexity of a password and makes it much more secure. Thus, please do not hesitate to use an alpha-numeric code to lock your iPhone.

To change your password, go to SettingsTouch ID and codetype your codechange the codecode Optionsalphanumeric Code custom.

Send a iMessage custom .


If you can’t answer a call, use the message option to indicate to your contact that you will remember.

Depending on your iOS version, to make it appear the message option, you need to either drag your finger up from the phone icon, or press the message button if it appears.

By default, you have three pre-recorded messages : “I will answer you later”, “I”, “I’ll call you later ?“.

If you want to save a custom message, go to SettingsPhoneRespond with message. Type the message that you want.

Use the option “Remind Me Later” .


If you can’t answer a call and that you are afraid of forgetting to re-contact this person, use the option “Remind Me Later”.

To do this, press Reminder when you receive a call and select the option that suits you best : “when I leave”, “in 1 hour”.

If you choose first option, make sure you have registered your home address in your phone as triggering the reminder based on your GPS.

Create your own ringtone on iTunes and GarageBand .


Your favorite song is not available as a ringtone ? You do not want to pay for a iPhone ringtone ? Thanks to iTunes, and our tutorial, learn how to make any song your ringtone.

You can also use GarageBand to turn your creations into a ringtone.

Limit your song to 30 seconds, press the button Share and then select Ringtone.

Customize your vibrator .


You want to know who is calling you without taking out your iPhone out of your pocket and without a ringtone ? Assign vibration custom to your contacts !

Walk-in application Phone Contacts → and select the contact you want to customize. In its fact sheet, click EditRingtone Vibration Create a vibration. It remains for you to tap the screen to create a rhythm custom.

Take photos and video simultaneously ! .


When you’re shooting an event, there is no need to interrupt your video to make photos !

To take pictures without stop the video, you only have to press the white button (below the trigger red).

Note that your photos will be of the same quality as your video since you are using the sensors of the camera and not the camera.

Save the battery .


If you have fear of running out of battery, go into power saving mode !

To do this, go to SettingsBattery power-saving Mode.

As its name indicates, this function allows you to limit the use of the battery by reducing the illumination of the screen, turning off Siri, limiting the visual effects ..

Save PDF in iBooks .


Do you know that it is possible to transform web pages into PDF files directly on your iPhone ?

When you are on a web page that you want to save, tap the Share icon (a square with an arrow, in the bottom of the screen), then scroll the top menu to the left and select Enr. the PDF in iBooks.

You guessed it, you will find all of your PDFS in the iBooks app.

Set the mode “Do not disturb” .


If you don’t want to be interrupted during a meeting or during the night, use the mode “Do not disturb”.

To enable it, nothing more simple, since its icon (a half moon) is located in the control Center of your iPhone.

If you want to set the mode on Do not disturb to make its automatic activation, go to Settings Do not disturb Programmed.

Plan for the emergencies .


If you want to use the mode “Do not disturb” without the risk of missing urgent calls, allow those in your contacts favorites.

To create favorite contacts, appointments in-app PhoneFavorites→ press the cross (top left) → tap the name of contacts of your choice.

You can also turn on repeated Calls, which means that if the same contact calls you twice in 3 minutes, the call will not be blocked.

Master your keyboard .


You are probably using the keyboard of your iPhone without knowing that it is possible to add symbols to a message in a single movement.

In a gesture, press the button 123 and then click the symbol that you want. When you release the pressure, you will be again on the main keyboard (AZERTY) and you will have gained a few precious seconds !

As it is, did you know that you could access alternate characters when you press and hold on certain symbols ?

Win a point .


Another tip as useful as ignored : at the end of a sentence, instead of passing on the second keyboard, to make a point, you can simply double-click on the space bar !

When press twice on the space bar, you tell your iPhone that you are at the end of a sentence. This will not only add a point, but it inserted a space and a capital letter after it.

Create shortcuts .


The automatic correction is a very handy tool that you can customize.

For example, if you write regularly, “I arrive in 5 min“ you can program your laptop so that it writes automatically when you type “d 5”, etc

To create a shortcut, go to SettingsGeneral KeyboardReplacement.

Press the cross in the top right to create the shortcuts that you want.

Format your messages .


You can format your text in the most applications messages.

For this, tap twice on your (one word extend the selection if you want) and then scroll down the small menu that appears to the right and press the tab BIU.

Shake to undo .


To cancel an entry in a message (mail) you can, literally, shake your iPhone. Attention grasp-the well !

If you write your message by holding your iPhone horizontally, you can get the same result by pressing the back arrow (below the microphone icon), but it is less funny.

Reassemble the page .


This trick is probably known to some of you, but not all !

You are at the bottom of a long article and you want to go back to the top of the page at once ?

Press once on the top of your screen (to the clock) and the turn is played.

Delete a digit .


As the real calculators, the iPhone app has no delete button. Fortunately, there is now a technique to erase the last numbers typed in if you made a mistake.

To do this, just do a swipe right or left (the direction does not matter, as long as you move your finger a very small movement dry) in the black bar that displays the number.

Stop the music .


If you like to listen to music to fall asleep but you don’t want to leave it running all night, then this tip is for you !

Go to the application Clocktimer → choose the duration that suits you → tap Ringtone → scroll down the list to the bottom and select Stop playing.

This trick also works with audio books and other podcasts.

Do flash your iPhone .


In addition to, or instead of, sound and vibration, activate the flash of your iPhone to alert you when you receive messages and calls.

To do this, go to your SettingsGeneralAccessibility LED Flash for alerts.

Improve the accessibility .


On your iPhone please do not hesitate to create accessibility shortcuts by going to SettingsGeneralAccessibilityShortcut Accessibility.

Here, you can choose several options which, when selected, will be displayed when you press 3 times in a row on the button Home on your iPhone.

Look for a page on the internet .


To search for a specific term on a web page, write the in the URL bar.

A list of internet search results will then appear, ignore it, and scroll the menu down to the bottom. Select the tab On this page.

You will then return to the web page and all occurrences of the search term will be highlighted in yellow.

Change the direction of a Panorama .


In the Camera app, you can change the direction of your panorama by pressing the middle arrow.

Improve your selfies .


When you use the front camera of your iPhone to take a selfie, you can trigger the taking of your shots using the buttons on the volumes of your phone.

Better yet, if you have headphones with a volume button, you can also use it to take selfies ! No more need to hold your iPhone at an odd angle or risk a fall.

Use Siri to do your math .


You want to split the bill at a restaurant or to calculate the discount of a product in a store ?

Ask Siri ! The personal assistant of your iPhone can solve any mathematical equation in your daily life.

Attention, speak very clearly if the formula that you want to use is complex !

If you want to have fun with Siri it’s here !

Tinker with the Compass app .


The Compass app has a very convenient feature for the do-it-yourselfers Sunday, since it allows you to transform your iPhone into spirit level. Do not install never of a table or shelf through !

Turn On Night Shift .


Available since the update to iOS 9.3, Night Shift allows you to adjust the settings of your iPhone for better use in the evening.

To adjust this feature, go to SettingsBrightness, and displayNight Shift.

You can also activate Night Shift directly from the control Center of your iPhone.

Learn to speak your iPhone .


If you want to, or that you need, let your iPhone read your messages, go to SettingsGeneral AccessibilitySpeech speak selection.

The option “State” will then appear whenever you select text and it does not remain you more that to lean over to hear him.

Check to see when a message has been sent .


In the Messages app, you can drag your finger to the right or left to display the day and the date to which the messages have been exchanged.

You need to perform the operation (swiper to the left or right) on each message to view the date and time.