13 tips and tricks Google Docs to absolutely know.


With its application Docs, Google offers one of the best solutions of word processors on the market. It is responsive, integrated in the cloud, and equipped with advanced functions.

In spite of everything, it can be complicated to understand and operate, then for your convenience we have grouped together 13 tips for optimal use.

Add an electronic signature .


Electronic signatures are ideal for adding a personal touch to your documents.

Through this, you will not lose more time to print, sign, scan and send them by mail.

Go to the Insert tab, select Drawing → Line (to the right of the Arrow), in the drop-down menu click on Drawing to hand lifted, finally, draw your signature.

Automatic replacement .


Auto replace is a very useful function and saves you time. To do this, from Google Docs, go to Tools → Preferences.

In the pop-up window that appears, make sure that the Replacement option is automatically checked.

In the field under Replace, type your word you want to replace, for example, “nme” and the word replacement in the fields, we have chosen “hello”.

Back on your document, type nme, press the space bar. You should see it automatically appear “Hello”.

Reduce the size of the menu bars .


To make more space on your word-processing document, your form, your spreadsheet, or presentation, press simultaneously on Ctrl + Shift (as Shift) + F.

You have to set it for each new file as it is not automatic.

If you want to enjoy even more space, display your documents in full screen View → Full Screen. As well, all your menus and toolbars Google Docs will be hidden.

Add to bookmarks .


If you write a document long enough, maybe would you want to divide it into sections to facilitate reading.

Click Insert, and then click Bookmark to create the bookmark, and then insert the link when prompted.

View text files .


If you have the habit of using another word processing program, it may be that the files created on this software do not display in Google Docs.

If this is the case, then before you open a text file in Google docs, right-click on your file and select Rename. Then, add the extension to the file name .txt at the end.

Now, you’ll have no problem reading your document in Google Docs.

Dictate a text .


Google has developed the voice input for Google Docs, it allows users to write and edit text using voice commands.

To use this feature, go to Tools, then voice Input

For example, say “highlight [password]”, then “delete” to erase the same word.

Who has modified the document ? .


Google Docs lets you see what a colleague has made changes.

To begin, click on File → version History → Show history versions.

A sidebar will show all the recent changes made to the document. Each color corresponds to a person who has edited the document.

Mark your colleague in a comment .


If you collaborate with multiple people on Google Docs, you can write a comment and identify one or more persons. This means that they will receive a notification by email from which they will be able to respond to your comment.

Highlight your text and click on the “ + ” icon. In the comment box, type + and then select your employee from the list that appears, and then add your comment.

To turn off notifications .


To no longer receive notifications, open the document, click the History Comments at the top right of the screen (three dashes in a bubble), then select Notifications, and finally select Off.

Search for additional options .


In Google Docs, there are more menu options than it seems.

Open a document, press and hold the Alt key and the / key pressed, and this shortcut will display the Find option in the menus.

Type any functionality that you used in another word-processing application, you’ll probably find it here.

Add images quickly .


If you have a recent version of Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari, please be aware that with Google Docs you can insert pictures just by dragging them from one document to the other.

Nothing more simple !

Google Docs without the internet .


Google Docs offers the creation and editing off-line for all its users, thanks to the Offline function. As soon as an internet connection is restored, Docs synchronizes and updates these files automatically.

On the home page of Google Docs, click the icon depicting three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the page → Settings → activate Offline.

Share files via the Cloud .


Share files between Google Docs, Dropbox, or OneDrive can quickly become a tedious task.

A better alternative exists, it is the software Otixo (English), it allows you to manage multiple Cloud files in one place and transfer them without having anything to download on your PC.

Otixo is free for up to 2 Gb of bandwidth per month and costs approximately 8,74 € (10 $), with unlimited access to transfer and manage your files online.

Once you are registered, start by clicking My Cloud Services (My services, Cloud) and select the accounts that you want to add.

Then, you simply drag and drop files between Google docs and Dropbox, for example.

With Oxio, also convert documents saved in the native format of Google Docs fichiers.doc when you need to move them from Google Docs to Dropbox, or another service.