Coronavirus: the world must prepare for a possible pandemic

WHO considers the outbreak of new cases in Italy, South Korea and Iran very worrying . ANNE-LAURE FREMONT By ANNE-LAURE FREMONT MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP Guardia di Finanza police were mobilized to guard the entrance to Zorlesco, a small town near Milan affected by the coronavirus MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP

Huawei plans its future without Google

The Chinese group is in full seduction operation to enrich its new application store. Elsa Bembaron By Elsa Bembaron Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, unveils the new version of the foldable smartphone Mate Xs, Monday, in Barcelona.

Cosmo Connected installs its products at Decathlon

The referencing of the start-up is the result of a collaboration with Oxelo, one of the brands of the brand. Elsa Bembaron By Elsa Bembaron Cosmo Connecteds connected lights have entered Decathlon stores, both for scooters and bikes.

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Can we accuse Facebook of censoring or amplifying the movement of...

ANALYSIS - Between fantasies and realities, Le Figaro gives you some keys to better understand the relationships between yellow vests and Facebook.

Hyper-economical shower head appeals to Apple boss

FIGARO TOMORROW - Launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the project of the Californian startup Nebia has already raised more than $ 1.6 million. The shower head has been tested for the past twelve months on the campuses of the giants Apple and Google.



Our test of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: Le Figaro...

TEST - The new iPhone XS differs mainly from its predecessor by its photo capabilities. Even if it means changing, you might as well opt for the XS Max, which has a beautiful giant screen for it ...


New type of ion engine could make satellites “forever”

The European Space Agency is testing a prototype capable of using the molecules of the residual atmosphere, at an altitude of 200 km, to function. Virtually inexhaustible fuel.


Severe storm leaves nine dead in northern Europe

VIDEO - Friederikes passage over Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium also caused a lot of material damage and disrupted transport. AFP agence By AFP agency

When antelopes regulate populations of big cats

When they are very numerous, the prey make fewer small, preferred targets of predators. Marielle Court By Marielle Court A cheetah mother and her cubs eat a nyala antelope in the Phinda reserve in South Africa.

Light radioactive pollution in the atmosphere in Europe

Several European countries have detected very small amounts of radioactive ruthenium 106 in the atmosphere. The origin of this contamination is not yet known.

United States: in the Rockies, a crack turns into a crevasse

In the state of Wyoming, a breach of a few centimeters now reaches nearly 700 meters long by 45 meters wide. And the crevasse keeps growing. Mathilde Golla By Mathilde Golla

From Tim Berners-Lee to Mark Zuckerberg, Those Who Made and Transformed the Web

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg invented the social web. Meanwhile, mathematicians, engineers, visionaries, draw the contours of a new world.


Wi-Fi on Air France-KLM aircraft

Air France and KLM launched their first flights on Wednesday with a paid Wi-Fi service on board. Lucie Ronfaut By Lucie Ronfaut The connected planes are Boeing 777 - 300.

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