How to use screen sharing on Mac ?.

At Apple, whether it is with your iOS or macOS, it is possible to share any screen with your friends and even control them remotely from your smartphone. On Mac, there is a feature called screen Sharing.


On Amazon, the armchair gaming Songmics OBG62B is less than 90...

Notice to the gamers of back-pain, chronic-chair gaming Songmics is less than 90 € today. Thanks to this chairs quality, play efficiently, comfortably and say goodbye to neck pain and back.

What to do in case of theft or loss of your...

Prior to the loss or theft of your smartphone. 1 - PIN Code. We recommend that you protect your phone with a PIN code (Personal Identification Number). This enables you to secure access to your data.

Amazon Prime Day 2020.

In 2019, the Amazon Prime Day lasted, not one, but two days, from 15 to 16 July. If you are a lover of good plans, then you must absolutely not miss out on these days resulted. What is Amazon Prime Day ? . Amazon Prime day is a day of promotional offers organized by the american giant Amazon in order to promote his service Premium.

Windows 10 : the funny questions to ask Cortana.

If you have Windows 10, youve probably already discovered Cortana. Like Apples Siri or Google Now on Android, Cortana is a personal assistant that works by voice recognition.


The best wireless USB adapter-C.

It is increasingly common to see computers using the USB port-C as a connection standard. It enables the transfer of data (USB and Thunderbolt), video (HDMI) and enjoy a diet that is high speed.

The best cleanup software for PC (2020).

With time, various unused applications and old files accumulate on your Windows and eventually slow it down. To address this issue and give him a second youth, you can clean your PC without having to use a software, however, it is preferable to use a so that said computer is rid effectively of all files cumbersome. To reset your PC to new, here is a selection of the best cleaning software. 1.

Google Home Mini : release date, price and data sheet.

As its name indicates, Google Home Mini is a compact version of the enclosure intelligent Google. Presented at the conference Made By Google, last October 4, this accessory appears as a direct competitor to the Echo Dot Amazon.

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The best free games for PC.

1. League of legends . . League of legends is another MOBA that is experiencing a tremendous success since its release in 2009. The game could, very schematically, be summarys as well : two teams of 5 players fight to the elbow-to-elbow in order to destroy the enemy Nexus. Players must develop a strategy of fight, train, collect items, and overcome many obstacles to achieve their purposes. League of legends is available here ! 2.

The best VPN (2020).

What is a VPN ?. A VPN or virtual private Network is a system that allows you to send or receive data across a private connection, using a network the internet. In a professional setting, the VPN are often used for security reasons (to avoid being spied on) or to allow employees to access their computers remotely. As the VPN can hide the geographic location of a computer, many individuals use it to view sites that would otherwise not be accessible in their countries. If you live abroad and you want to watch videos of the platform Pluzz, Arte and Netflix France, then you can install a VPN on your computer and pretend to be located in Paris, in order to enjoy all the television programming is in French. How does a VPN work ?. A VPN is used to create a secure tunnel and connect directly to a computer to a server.

The best SSD (2020).

What is a SSD ?. The solid-state drive, SSD, is a flash disk that allows you to backup your data and improve the performance of your computer. Unlike the traditional hard drive (HDD), which is mechanical and works with the read heads, the SSD uses the RAM and other components in your PC to access your data, store them and organize them. SSDS are known to be shock resistant (perfect in case you drop your laptop), energy-efficient, silent.

The best external batteries (2020).

Our smartphones we are used to everything, and even sometimes, to make a phone call. The problem is that the more they are efficient, they have less battery. We dream all of a smartphone that would have the longevity of our good old 3310 .. Failing that, there are the backup batteries.

The best apps for stop smoking (2020).

Take the decision to stop smoking is easy, but sticking to it is another story. So, even though this can be complicated, remember that it is a personal victory and that there are good reasons to do so : health, budget, ecology..


MacBook : optimize the autonomy of your battery.

The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air are marvels from Apple that hide, under their very end housing, a battery with an autonomy of 10 and 12 hours, respectively. If you want to increase this autonomy, then follow the 9 tips in this tutorial. The battery life of a MacBook .

How to make a screenshot on Android ?.

For 99% of Android . . There are several ways to perform a screenshot on a Android. The first, and most common, is to press and hold for a few seconds, the home button and the volume button the bottom of your phone, and to release them simultaneously.

How to disable auto-play videos on Chrome ?.

Since the update of Chrome (66.0), the videos launched automatically is muted by default, but that is the total cessation of their reading ?If you do not support more than one video is played as soon as you open a page on Chrome, especially if you are in public or if you are using your data, then follow this tutorial. Disable auto-play videos on Chrome. Disabling autoplay is very simple, that you surfiez on Chrome from your Android device or your computer.

How to convert a PDF to Word format ?.

In the context of the work, or in a personal context, most often the written documents are sent in PDF. The advantage of such a format is that it can be opened from any device (computer, tablet, phone..), it also allows you to keep the nature of the document and to prevent any modification. In the past, for the edit, it was necessary to use a third-party software charges.

How to use Instagram on a Mac ?.

Instagram is a mobile application that lets you share photos and videos with your friends, your family, and your followers. Follow our complete guide below to know how to use it on your Mac ! Post pictures on Instagram from Safari. The site allows you to login to your account to view, comment on and like photos from your feed.

How to use an iPad as a teleprompter ?.

There are few things that you cant do with your iPad, play, draw, or edit photos, it can even serve as a teleprompter to make videos. In fact, in the App Store, there are many applications that allow you to scroll through a script on the screen of your Apple tablet.This is not all, to create content even more professional, you can also use third-party hardware such as a tripod or a kit teleprompter. In this article, we tell you how to use your iPad as a teleprompter and as well get higher quality video.The best applications of teleprompter for the iPad. Whether youre a journalist, aspiring or a YouTubeur become, to make a presentation worthy of the name, get your iPad, your script and to download an app of a teleprompter. The Apple Store is full of the app that offer all essentially the same thing.

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