Google Play Store : download app not available in France.

If you read these lines, it means that you have seen the following message in your Google Play Store : “This item is not available in your country”. In this tutorial, we will present a technique to work around this problem and to download any application on your Android. Geographical Limitations : this article is not available in your country. Each country has a catalog of applications that is specific, and not all applications are not available in all countries.


Good Plan Fossil : 70 € savings on the watch connected...

To make you wait until Black Friday, we try to find you the best deals. Today, it is a promotion enticing and that relates to Fossil. Indeed, on its website, the brand breaks the price of its shows connected to Sport.

Good plan Amazon : a reduction of 28 % on the...

Today, on Amazon, the speaker is connected with a display Echo Show 5 is at -28 %, and its price has swung from 89,99 € 64,99 €, a bargain for you ! This discount is only offered on Amazon and its two colors, white and black.

Black Friday Amazon : the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music less than...

Are you looking for a watch connected to sport full, effective, comfortable to wear, which also allows you to train in music ? Look no further, the one you need is the Vivoactive 3 Music of Garmin ! It is in this moment at 199 € on Amazon, its lowest price since its release last year.

How to delete an app on iOS and Android ?.

Download of new applications is so simple that it is done without thinking about it, especially when they are free ! Fortunately, you are not obliged to keep it ad vitam aeternam.


The good plans TV (2020).

Televisions are an integral part of our living room where we reserve a special place. Even if some people prefer to do without it and only use their PC, many believe that the TV can not be completely replaced by a computer. Since its creation, the small screen has continued to evolve and renew.

The best cleanup software for PC (2020).

With time, various unused applications and old files accumulate on your Windows and eventually slow it down. To address this issue and give him a second youth, you can clean your PC without having to use a software, however, it is preferable to use a so that said computer is rid effectively of all files cumbersome. To reset your PC to new, here is a selection of the best cleaning software. 1.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e : release date, price and data sheet.

To the surprise of all, Samsung has announced a new tablet, even before the event, Unpacked, scheduled for 20 February 2019. In this article, discover all that we know of the Galaxy Tab S5e, its price and its technical specifications. What is the release date of the Galaxy Tab S5 ?. The south Korean manufacturer has confirmed that its Galaxy Tab S5e, we know that it will be available for preorder in the month of march, for delivery in April. How much will the Galaxy Tab S5 ?. The Tab S5e will be cheaper than its predecessor (to 649,99 € at Darty), it would take approximately 419 € for his model with Wi-Fi.

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The best free games for PC.

1. League of legends . . League of legends is another MOBA that is experiencing a tremendous success since its release in 2009. The game could, very schematically, be summarys as well : two teams of 5 players fight to the elbow-to-elbow in order to destroy the enemy Nexus. Players must develop a strategy of fight, train, collect items, and overcome many obstacles to achieve their purposes. League of legends is available here ! 2.

The best VPN (2020).

What is a VPN ?. A VPN or virtual private Network is a system that allows you to send or receive data across a private connection, using a network the internet. In a professional setting, the VPN are often used for security reasons (to avoid being spied on) or to allow employees to access their computers remotely. As the VPN can hide the geographic location of a computer, many individuals use it to view sites that would otherwise not be accessible in their countries. If you live abroad and you want to watch videos of the platform Pluzz, Arte and Netflix France, then you can install a VPN on your computer and pretend to be located in Paris, in order to enjoy all the television programming is in French. How does a VPN work ?. A VPN is used to create a secure tunnel and connect directly to a computer to a server.

The best SSD (2020).

What is a SSD ?. The solid-state drive, SSD, is a flash disk that allows you to backup your data and improve the performance of your computer. Unlike the traditional hard drive (HDD), which is mechanical and works with the read heads, the SSD uses the RAM and other components in your PC to access your data, store them and organize them. SSDS are known to be shock resistant (perfect in case you drop your laptop), energy-efficient, silent.

The best external batteries (2020).

Our smartphones we are used to everything, and even sometimes, to make a phone call. The problem is that the more they are efficient, they have less battery. We dream all of a smartphone that would have the longevity of our good old 3310 .. Failing that, there are the backup batteries.

The best apps for stop smoking (2020).

Take the decision to stop smoking is easy, but sticking to it is another story. So, even though this can be complicated, remember that it is a personal victory and that there are good reasons to do so : health, budget, ecology..


Mac : how to force close an application ?.

On Windows, users are accustomed to the shortcut CTRL + Alt + Del to access the task Manager and close programs that are not responding. On the Mac, things are different, it is possible to quit an application only after it has stopped working. In this tutorial, we explain how you can force quit any active applications to be blocked, and restart your Mac. Force them to leave with the Dock and the Apple menu. When an application becomes unresponsive, the cursor takes the shape of a wheel, arc‑en‑ciel, which rotates continuously.

How to watch the womens world Cup of football in 2019 ?.

This 8th edition of the womens world Cup of football, which began on 7 June, will close this Sunday, July 7, 2019. It took place in 9 cities of france (Paris, Rennes, Montpellier, Reims, Nice, Valenciennes, Le Havre, Grenoble and Lyon). This competition has been a real success, with the stands which were full.

TV and streaming : how to watch the Cannes film Festival 2019 ?.

As the festivities begin ! The Cannes film Festival, which pays tribute to the filmmaker Agnès Varda, was started. Whether you prefer the “official Selection” or the “directors Fortnight”, find out how to follow the Cannes film Festival and its parallel sections in the TV as well as streaming. The Cannes film Festival 2019. This year, the Festival de Cannes will take place from may 14 to may 25, 2019. At the prestigious ceremony of the 7th art, the mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu succeeds to the actress Cate Blanchett, to chair the jury. For the 4th time, the actor Edouard Baer has been appointed as the master of ceremonies for the opening and closing. The official selection was announced on April 18 during a press conference.

How to resell a Mac ?.

Before selling your Mac. Before selling your Mac, we recommend to clean it (screen, keyboard, touch pad..), reset the settings of factories, that you log out of your iTunes account, iCloud and iMessage, and finally reinstall macOs. To attract more potential buyers, try to also put the hand on the original packaging of your computer.

How do I reset an iPhone ?.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to reset your iPhone or iPad and how to restore your backed-up data. How to repair an iPhone or iPad locked ?. You dont escape THE question : Have you tried to turn off and turn on your iPhone ? This manipulation may seem to you ridiculous.

What to do if an iPhone does more ?.

It happens that the battery of an iPhone is not charging, even when it is plugged to a power source. Although the device emits a humming sound indicating that it is charging, the battery level does not change. It may be that the cable Lightning is loose and that he does not maintain a proper connection. In this article, we explain to you how to repair an iPhone or an iPad that is charging hard. If the battery does not last as long as you want, even when it is fully charged, try our tips to improve the life of the battery of your iPhone. Troubleshooting tips. Your iPhone is connected but no charging is detected ? We have listed below several techniques to solve this problem. 1 - It is evident that it is necessary to first ensure that cables and adapters are correctly connected and that your power outlet is functioning. 2 - If you connect your iPhone to a computer, make sure it is turned on (and it can charge your device).You can also connect it to another computer and see if that helps. 3 - Try to balance delicately the phone and the connector during charging.

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