How do you update a Mac to macOS Mojave ?.

The new version of mac os, Mojave, is available for download from the 24 September 2018. Update the operating system macOS is a simple process, free of charge and quick, but it should not be done blindly..Tech Advisor France is here to assist you. How to prepare your Mac for an update ?. As we mentioned above, we recommend that you do not rush to get the update because Apple servers are likely to be saturated by the many concurrent connections. Also, before you begin, make sure that your Mac is compatible (see list below), with the Mojave, and then follow these detailed recommendations.


How to unlock an iPhone ?.

Is it legal to unsimlock your iPhone ?. If you contact your telephone operator, unsimlock your iPhone is legal and free. The only condition ? Have been a subscriber for at least three months before requesting unlocking.

Black Friday Amazon : the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music less than...

Are you looking for a watch connected to sport full, effective, comfortable to wear, which also allows you to train in music ? Look no further, the one you need is the Vivoactive 3 Music of Garmin ! It is in this moment at 199 € on Amazon, its lowest price since its release last year.

French Days 2020 : dates, sites, participants, and good plans.

Surely you know the Black Friday, the shopping event has come from the United States, during which many shops and online websites sell their products at discounted prices. What you may not know not, it is the French Days.

Good Plan, Adobe : 40 % discount on the subscription to...

Enjoy the promotion of 40 % of Adobe on the package Creative Cloud - All the apps by visiting this page, it goes from 59,99 € 35,99 € per month. For more information on prices, offers, trial, free, discounts, students, and other benefits, we recommend that you take a look at our complete guide on the new Adobe Creative Cloud. Promo Adobe CC All apps. Thanks to the promotion Adobe the package Adobe CC - All applications costs 35,99 €/month, up from 59,99 € without the discount.


The best wireless USB adapter-C.

It is increasingly common to see computers using the USB port-C as a connection standard. It enables the transfer of data (USB and Thunderbolt), video (HDMI) and enjoy a diet that is high speed.

The best cleanup software for PC (2020).

With time, various unused applications and old files accumulate on your Windows and eventually slow it down. To address this issue and give him a second youth, you can clean your PC without having to use a software, however, it is preferable to use a so that said computer is rid effectively of all files cumbersome. To reset your PC to new, here is a selection of the best cleaning software. 1.

Google Home Mini : release date, price and data sheet.

As its name indicates, Google Home Mini is a compact version of the enclosure intelligent Google. Presented at the conference Made By Google, last October 4, this accessory appears as a direct competitor to the Echo Dot Amazon.

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The best SSD (2020).

What is a SSD ?. The solid-state drive, SSD, is a flash disk that allows you to backup your data and improve the performance of your computer. Unlike the traditional hard drive (HDD), which is mechanical and works with the read heads, the SSD uses the RAM and other components in your PC to access your data, store them and organize them. SSDS are known to be shock resistant (perfect in case you drop your laptop), energy-efficient, silent.

The best external batteries (2020).

Our smartphones we are used to everything, and even sometimes, to make a phone call. The problem is that the more they are efficient, they have less battery. We dream all of a smartphone that would have the longevity of our good old 3310 .. Failing that, there are the backup batteries.

The best apps for stop smoking (2020).

Take the decision to stop smoking is easy, but sticking to it is another story. So, even though this can be complicated, remember that it is a personal victory and that there are good reasons to do so : health, budget, ecology..

The best free software for Windows.

Certain Windows programs can cost over a hundred euros. If you intend to use them daily, then you may see this as an expense. If this is not the case, then there is a equivalent free that will surely meet your needs. The best free software of text processing .

The best software of photo editing for Mac (2020).

The iPhone are all equipped with sensors that photos of very high quality. In addition, there is a plethora of iOS apps that are free and affordable that are available to edit your photos and add effects. If you are a bit of photos and you want to bring a touch more creative and personal then we recommend that you use software to touch up. On all Mac, there is the native application Photos, only this last is primarily meant to organize your collection of images, and it only has a limited number of filters and options.


How to watch the series and talk-shows, americans in France ?.

Check out what series and what talk shows are broadcast free of charge on France TV, TF1 group, and via a subscription to Canal+, Orange Cinema Series, Netflix or Amazon. If youre more of a trendy sports US, it is here ! American series on French TV. In France, the legislation requires the air broadcast channels that they broadcast in primetime, at least 60 % of european works and 40 % to works of original expression in French.

How do I add music to a presentation in Google Slides ?.

Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Sheets does not support the audio files. That said, we have found two techniques to work around this problem. Add a link to a streaming platform. The simplest way to add music to your presentation Google Slides is to include a link to a song available on Spotify, Deezer or Soundcloud.

How to protect your personal data on a watch connected ?.

Connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, but also watches that are connected can be affected by viruses. If a person manages to gain access to your smartwatch, then it could be very personal and even empty your bank account. It is therefore important that you secure them to your watch.

How to back up an iPhone ?.

Nobody would like to lose their photos or personal documents stored in his phone. The backup of an iPhone is so essential, it is recommended to do on a fairly regular basis. In this tutorial, we explain to you how you take it step by step. You have forgotten the password of your iPhone ? Find out how to unlock. Why is it important to back up your iPhone and your iPad ?. In everyday life, the iPhone and the iPad we used to take photos, manage our day, to communicate, to share documents, personal and professional, etc, To avoid any permanent loss, caused by the malfunction all of a sudden your device or an update, it is very important to ensure that this valuable information is backed up somewhere.

TV and streaming : how to watch the US Open tennis ?.

The US Open has officially started on the 26th of August is the perfect opportunity to support your favourite players, after Wimbledon. Discover how not to miss this tournament, despite the jet lag. When and where is the US Open of tennis ?. The tennis US Open takes place in New York from Monday August 26 to September 8, 2019.

Windows 10 : how to remove the password at startup ?.

Before you delete the password of your PC, are you sure it cant fall into the wrong hands ? Without it, anyone can use your computer and retrieve sensitive information (banking data ..).

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