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??????? Conductive rubber can be used in electronic shielding products that are resistant to electromagnetic interference. Generally, the shielding system comprises a sandwich conductive rubber pad between the metal piece and the outer casing.?

????????The main function of the conductive rubber pad is to provide high conductivity between the joint surface of the casing/shield/cover to meet the grounding and electromagnetic shielding. Requires and prevents foreign liquid from entering the electronic components. In the electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding of equipment such as chassis, it can provide good shielding performance and also provide excellent water vapor sealing performance.


?Product advantages

?????????Conductive rubber has excellent mechanical properties and electromagnetic shielding properties, can provide environmental protection, can meet the environmental and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding requirements, and can be used at a wide operating temperature. Boen Industrial Co., Ltd. can produce a variety of molded conductive rubber products.



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