? Silicone heat sink in the security industry applications

Silicone heat sink in the security industry applications

日期:2018-12-12 14:07:29
Silicone heat sink in the security industry applications
However, it is well-known that high temperature is the enemy of integrated circuits. The high temperature will not only cause unstable operation of equipment, shorten the service life, and may even cause some parts to be burnt down, and the portable equipment will also cause damage to the human body Injury, leading to high-temperature heat does not come from the electronic equipment, but inside the electronic equipment, or integrated circuits. The role of heat sink is to absorb these heat, diverging into the device or equipment, to ensure the normal temperature of electronic components.
Because the way of cooling, can be divided into simple passive cooling and active cooling, mainly through the external force to promote fluid circulation, take away the heat. Passive heat dissipation is the use of the principle of physical expansion and contraction, the natural circulation of fluid cooling or the use of solid fluid heat capacity to absorb heat to achieve the purpose of cooling.
However, the heat dissipation method can also be divided into heat conduction, heat convection, heat radiation and heat conduction.
Silicone heat sink can be applied security industry: image processing module, thermal interface materials, power board, tube camera and so on.
With the security industry gradually intelligent direction to the cloud, the quality requirements of materials will be higher and higher, the performance requirements of silicone heat sink will increase, and the demand will be more and more.

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